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2017Wed, 10 Oct 2018 23:25:42 +0000
Cougar 2000 V2 - Repair in progress So my Cougar is finally complete.I'm running Hitec HS322HD servos for ailerons, rudder and elevator. Due to the small space in funfly aircraft, I'm using a HItec HS81 micro for the throttle. An X6R receiver fits in nicely. I'm using an ASP 36 from Just Engines, complete with a 11x3 prop. All in all it should be just the right plane to do what I want to do. Also, I'm told by MrWestonUK that if my "Rubbishy little engine" can handle it, I should be able to prop hang with ease. I don't know who he thinks he's fooling, The weston eurotech 36TIR is a codeword for Rip - Off and dodgeyness. Two thing that I have as problems are that the throttle is VERY twitchy so expo is needed badly (Rod and Emay). The other thing is the kit didn't come with enough bolts to fit all of the horns down with four each.

This Sunday should be the maiden flight, with the wind at 5mph. The only niggle is my mum has the car, but we will work something out, I should think.

Roll up funfly, I am ready for ya!!!

See you at the field,



1203Wed, 30 Sep 2015 20:45:19 +0000
Sunday 8th Interclub Funfly timelapse videos. Two unlisted links to the Sunday 8th Interclub funfly... Sorry no sound.




1814Fri, 13 Oct 2017 21:29:48 +0000


1690Tue, 04 Apr 2017 16:01:23 +0000
Wot 4 foam - e mk2+ 

Presenting the newest edition to my (small) hangar:

The new Wot 4 Foam - E mk2+e


Everything on the old model has been upgraded, including the dodgy hinges, but I still had to put some glass tape on the hinges, as the elevator was starting to go thin - never mind though, it has foam hinges AND regular hinges too!

The new improved foamie, however still has peeling decals, so glue is needed. The screw on the rudder was too small and ineffective, so i swapped it for a bigger one, and uhu por'd it as well for extra strength. I also put some glue on the rear assembly, as I wasn't sure with the one - screw design. It took UNDER the half - hour building time, BUT the decals took 45mins to do, and they aren't the best standard (as someone shall see at the field!).

See you all at the field,








1286Tue, 29 Dec 2015 17:45:22 +0000
A few pics from the unkown got more

[attachment=5]Pits 1.JPG[/attachment]

[attachment=4]Pits 2.jpg[/attachment]

[attachment=2]Pits 3.jpg[/attachment]

[attachment=1]Pits 4.jpg[/attachment]

[attachment=0]Pits 5.jpg[/attachment]

[attachment=6]Selsdon and Croydon.JPG[/attachment]

[attachment=7]The Pits.JPG[/attachment]

[attachment=8]White Bear.JPG[/attachment]

[attachment=9]Ind est 2.JPG[/attachment]

[attachment=17]flyby 1.JPG[/attachment]

[attachment=16]Flyby 2.JPG[/attachment]

[attachment=15]flyby 22.JPG[/attachment]

[attachment=13]flyby 222.JPG[/attachment]

[attachment=14]Flyby 3.JPG[/attachment]

[attachment=11]Flyby 33.JPG[/attachment]

[attachment=12]flyby 4.jpg[/attachment]

[attachment=10]Flyby 55.jpg[/attachment]

[attachment=18]Falcons marked.JPG[/attachment]


[attachment=20]Fairchilds 2.JPG[/attachment]


[attachment=22]Crystal Palace transmitter.JPG[/attachment]


[attachment=24]City of London.JPG[/attachment]

[attachment=25]central london.JPG[/attachment]

[attachment=26]Biggin complete runway.JPG[/attachment]

[attachment=27]Biggin Airport.JPG[/attachment]

[attachment=28]02 dome.JPG[/attachment]

250Mon, 24 May 2010 12:51:09 +0000
Spacewalker ready to fly! last...


Spacewalker from VQ with OS46 and Hitec digital servos. Easy build.

I fitted some LED navigation lights as well to give it more scale look plus other bits..

Looks amazing in real!, in the end I didn't put the wheel pants as I think they wouldn't agree with the grass runway...shame.

Next sunday weather permitting, maiden flight.



358Sun, 04 Mar 2012 19:40:24 +0000
Old Topflite Mustang, P51-B just got hold of this Mustang P51_b


It is a semi scale top flite built model, With a wingspan of 60", It may be the rc-16 red box model, But i cant be sure till i get the plans,


Air up, Spring down robart retracts,,,, Wire type legs though, :(


It has the old type Cockpit style, Not the bubble,


Glassed and spray painted in the old traditional way,


It is at least 9 years old as far as i know,


Saito FA-72, fitted


I have done a few bits and pieces on it to get it flying nicely,

Still need to give the engine a good test, It has good compression and the bearings seem to be smooth running


I have been promised the plans for it with cg, Throws, Exact model etc, I am still awaiting them


Nice and well weathered model,,


Cant wait to give it a go up the field when the weather allows,,




Steve,,,, 8)

347Sun, 12 Feb 2012 20:43:53 +0000
I want one sod adjusting all those valves


306Sat, 02 Jul 2011 11:16:20 +0000
3D is the new scale the title says

297Thu, 12 May 2011 03:23:21 +0000
Club photos from years gone by! been looking at some of my old photos and thought I would put some here!

















263Mon, 23 Aug 2010 12:47:52 +0000
club gliding are some pics from the club gliding that was on thursday the 19th big thanks to the surrey hills gliding club and to our members the came along. both me and leon at the end off the day did a loop :D:D:D:D:D O YES















261Fri, 20 Aug 2010 04:49:44 +0000
F-4 Phantom II is my new project, f-4 Phantom, 59 span,

So far i have put the doner os 61 in from the late Vulcan, Changed all the servos and wiring, Took it for a test run

today, Just up and down the runway, Now setting the throws and cg etc, Hope to be flying it on saturday and Sunday if weather permits,

Also hoping Steve may be there as my spotter, Also Ground crew and film crew if possible :) ,


Anyone flew one similar?,,,, :plane:


Any hints of flight characteristics for this type of model would be most welcome,


Steve 8)

258Tue, 13 Jul 2010 20:41:29 +0000
Avro Vulcan B2 Bomber is my new project, Vulcan B2 Bomber 60 span, Doing some work on it as it was sitting in a sorry state for a while, After it went in with the previous owner, So far i have roughly repaired the damage sustained, It has a os 61 Max engine, with reversed pitch prop, Not tested yet, But seems to have good compression and smooth bearings, three Retracts, Air up, Spring down with nose wheel steering, Tank pressures and ines all tested ok, Hoping to test engine up the field on thursday, Then Fly on Sunday if weather is reasonable, C of G, I have no idea, Any help with this would be greatly appreciated, Also Elevons set, But throws not known,


Steve 8)

257Tue, 29 Jun 2010 18:17:26 +0000
Bristol Fighter a la Shuttleworth. completed building this Flair kit. Build started in June 2001!


Powered by Lazer 80, 14 X 5 Wood Prop, Futaba Radio, X 5 Servo's. Covering Solartex.

254Fri, 18 Jun 2010 22:20:37 +0000
Miles Mohawk Flies with our illustrious chairman on Friday evening as he was eating fish and chips with the family up at Fickleshole.


He sucessfully maidened his Miles Mohawk which he finished some time ago, and here are the pics to prove it :)


The model flew very well, despite both Rogers' and my worry about the models nose heaviness - the tail had to be held on the ground all the time the engine was running to stop it nosing over, and we had to restrain the tail and then release it at full throttle to achieve a takeoff with no digging in.

Unfortunately, the model came in a little fast on landing, and met with the long grass at the opposite end of the runway which resulted in a broken prop, but otherwise a great first flight. Perhaps the undercarriage could be moved forward in the future to help with the nosing problem.


Anyhow, enjoy the pictures.





249Sat, 22 May 2010 09:11:14 +0000
CAMFC on Facebook ... 849&ref=ts]]>248Sat, 22 May 2010 07:38:23 +0000Sunday at Fickleshole 11/04/10's a snapshot of a great day at the club field. Sorry they're sideways, thats the forum for you! (there not any more, Leon)


Oily :wink:

243Mon, 19 Apr 2010 21:32:50 +0000
<![CDATA[Kyosho Spitfire by R>G>]]> is the latest addition to the Chairs Fleet;


Pics by OILY :wink:

242Tue, 23 Mar 2010 20:22:00 +0000
Some pictures to muse over? a few frames kicking around in the camera. Enjoy. :D

235Tue, 26 Jan 2010 23:01:09 +0000
Southborough School 2009 photo. :lol::lol::lol:


Great afternoon, great flying and banter as usual in not perfect conditions. Cheers all.

222Sat, 10 Oct 2009 20:20:52 +0000
J3 Piper Cub Clipped Wing my latest creation. It is the J3 Piper Cub clipped wing from the Sig Kit.

traditional Balsa and ply construction with Solaartex covering and finished with Klass Kote epoxy paint in the scheme suggested on the plan . It is a little smaller than the one dave Stephens flew with great skill at the SMAS wing span is 65" and the power is from an ENYA 46 fourstroke . Looking forward to the frirst flight. Thanks to Darren who gave me the kit in the first place as it was surplus to his requirements.


221Thu, 08 Oct 2009 20:51:25 +0000
my eurofighter new spray job had a go with the air brush and my gray eurofighter



see you all later ttfn

up date new pics



220Sat, 03 Oct 2009 07:40:00 +0000
Our New Trailer at the Hop. Chairman clap's eye's on the Clubs new Trailer for the first time. :D


Delivered to the Show in the nick of time, the trailer was re-furbished for Camfc by the Bevan Bros. 8)


She was christened by the Girls who used her for the Raffle. :lol:


Now residing somewhere locally, surrounded with dog's!!!!! :shock:

219Tue, 22 Sep 2009 19:22:39 +0000
Bristol Fighter. F2B.'s a few pics of a model that began its progress towards completion from a Flair kit in 2001 :shock: I.m hoping to bring her to Club night Thursday, but I don't think she will be completely finished.


On the end of the propellor is a Laser 80. The build was initiated by Dominic, no longer in the Hobby, but shows up now and then to see us,(discovered a longing for motorbikes).




210Thu, 25 Jun 2009 07:32:31 +0000