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Wot 4 foam - e mk2+

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Presenting the newest edition to my (small) hangar:

The new Wot 4 Foam - E mk2+e


Everything on the old model has been upgraded, including the dodgy hinges, but I still had to put some glass tape on the hinges, as the elevator was starting to go thin - never mind though, it has foam hinges AND regular hinges too!

The new improved foamie, however still has peeling decals, so glue is needed. The screw on the rudder was too small and ineffective, so i swapped it for a bigger one, and uhu por'd it as well for extra strength. I also put some glue on the rear assembly, as I wasn't sure with the one - screw design. It took UNDER the half - hour building time, BUT the decals took 45mins to do, and they aren't the best standard (as someone shall see at the field!).

See you all at the field,








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