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Wot 4 foam - e mk2+

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This is the new Wot 4 foam e mk2+.

The stickers are, as you will see, a bit easy to gum up the hinges. The old version had foam hinges were dodgey, so I put some glass tape, but only then did I notice the regular hinges for extra strength. I really like the new colour scheme, apart from the gumming problem. The prop needed balancing, and I put a cover over the servos in the fus, and glued the tail and beefed up several areas. The area for my rx was constricted to say the least, so a bit of carving was needed, and yet I still had to angle it to allow it to fit.

I would say see you at the field tomorrow, but the adapter hasn't arrived yet. I have also made a simple bomb drop with a elastic band, 9g servo and rubber band, which screws into a nut in the fus.

See you all soon



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Regarding the stickers going over the hinge lines - what I do is to apply the sticker to the fixed part first (i.e. wing, fin), but don't smooth it down onto the moving part, then slit very carefully along the back of the fixed part of the surface. I then apply the small off-cut of sticker to the moving surface (i.e. aileron, rudder) so that the pattern lines up. The only problem is that there is a small part of sticker curving down into the hinge area, which often comes unstuck as there's not much area of glue and it's gone round a sharp curve.


On surfaces where the moving part isn't the full length of the fixed surface (ailerons, elevator on Mk2+) I would also trim 1-2mm off the sticker where it crosses the non-hinged division between the surfaces too, to avoid binding. This may be easier to do after final positioning of both parts of the sticker (trimming along an 90 degree edge is easy to do accurately).


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