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Spacewalker ready to fly!

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At last...


Spacewalker from VQ with OS46 and Hitec digital servos. Easy build.

I fitted some LED navigation lights as well to give it more scale look plus other bits..

Looks amazing in real!, in the end I didn't put the wheel pants as I think they wouldn't agree with the grass runway...shame.

Next sunday weather permitting, maiden flight.









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That link seems to require an account so I cannot access your pic.


Re: the wheel pants, the plane will not look like a real one without!


I am waiting to maiden (with me, it's an old model) a spatted scale appearance plane.


Last year, before the cutting issues were resolved, I had to abort flying another spatted plane several times, in fact it wasted boot space to'ing and fro'ing quite a number of times in hope it could be flown. From mid year on however, with the grass cutting being done properly, it was no issue, and does make the appearance of the plane. Given a reasonably cut surface, there is no other reason not to use them, especially on a light model like that which will leap off and slow up quickly.


Hopefully this week the grass might be cut.......now well into March.....even local cash starved Councils have cut in the last week or so.....................Rod?

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I realised I added the wrong link! - its a pain in the arse to add pictures in the forum as they have to have certain width, etc...and decided to use my dropbox account where I can host any data.


It has been amended now, so hopefully you will be able to see the some pictures...


I know about the wheel pants, but what can we do...?, still looks great though :wink:

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Hopefully the new website will be more flexible, though to be fair many websites have similar requirements, which is why I always use an external picture server.


Yes, those pis work OK, looks good!!

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