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I am looking to move on from my 150 size heli which I have mastered quite well to my Trex 450. I went over to west London for a lesson with Flyin Fish, which was very good, but also a far distance to travel.


Is there anyone out there who would want to give a starter some lessons?


Many thanks


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There isn't many helo flyer in the club atm! But I am sure, if it just pointer etc etc, then there are people that can help here on the forums or better still at the field!


I take it you have a RC simulation?




Also it maybe a good idea to join a pure helicopter flying club like Eynsford model RC Helicopter club! This one is the closes to our flying field. There is also another at RedHill.




I am sure they do training there, and there maybe somebody that will do 1 to 1 lessons!


Also at this time of the year, in-door flying is happening, and some of them let people flying 450 size models. So maybe that's another route, to think about.


Hope this helps?




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I'm one of the few CAMFC heli flyers, regular ones, anyway. :wink:


I also help run an Indoor Heli club in Biggin Hill, right by the airport, which allows up to 450s and meets fortnightly, the next meeting being this coming Thurs from 20:15 to 21:45.


I don't want to discourage, but a 450 is limited outdoors by wind, there is a world of difference between a 450 and a 500, which is much more wind capable. You CAN fly a 450 outdoors of course, but the occasions when you will be able to will not be that frequent, and you'll be looking for early (a problem since we cannot fly at CAMFC before 10:00) and late to minimise the wind effect.


PM me if you'd like to come on Thurs and I will pass details, or pass a phone number, pref landline, on PM and I'll ring this evening.


(These Indoors are not an open events for anyone to turn up)


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1. Never heard of it till you posted Arun. As a member of two Heli only clubs, and of a number of Heli forums, too. Find that odd? I do.................


2. Why does its website home page header have a SebArt plane (and only a plane) when there are none apparently included, none in the hangar list, and the presence or otherwise of fixed wing is not mentioned at all?


3. The wallpaper for each model will not readily load and display on either a high spec Win 7 Laptop and a XP Pro desktop. Stated as .png format, but two recent issues of art packages won't load the format its actually in, so nice to see the usual display standards ignored! Am I going to spend (waste) lots of time finding out why? Pass on by....................


4. So, the Tx sensing does(or did, its not clear?) not autocorrect for the differing default throws across makes, or more specifically, the Spektrum insistence to be less than everyone that had gone before.


I'd love there to be a "the next generation" Sim available, but It's not attracting me so far!!!! Please tell me I'm wrong!


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