Fickleshole - Private flying site

Fickleshole – South London – Surrey

Fickleshole: Our main flying site (Fickleshole) is in Featherbed lane, Croydon (click here for map) Entrance is to members and invited guests only and all members are issued with the gate padlock combination. Flying is permitted at Fickleshole 7 days a week from 10.00am until 9pm excluding bank holidays & Christmas Day(See Flying Times for full details). Sunday is the most popular day and most Sundays will find upwards of 30 people flying at the field.

Flying times at Fickleshole:

Any Day except Bank Holidays & Christmas Day: 10.00am to 9pm.

The 3rd Sunday every month 2pm to 9pm*

*Only aircraft that have been noise tested and have a 80db sticker may be flown after 7pm (a maximum of 2 planes are permitted in the air at any one time after 7pm)

Old Croydon Airport @ Roundshaw Open Space

Old Croydon Airport – Purley Way – Croydon

Some CAMFC members also fly at the Old Croydon Airport flying site, we do not train at this site.(click here for map) This is a public flying site and flying is available at selected times only (see below). Being a public flying site CAMFC has no direct control on safety and procedures at this flying site.

Flying times at the Old Croydon Airport

Monday, Wednesday & Friday 9am to 1pm
Tuesday & Thursday 9am to 7pm

Weekend flying only on the 1st and 3rd weekend of each month 9am to 1pm
No flying permitted bank holidays or Christmas Day.

Monthly Social evenings - Club Nights

Croydon Airport Model Flying Club Social evenings.

On the last Thursday of each month we meet at:

Croydon Post Office Sports Club
Trenham Drive

We usually invite along a guest speaker or we hold a demonstration or masterclass on anything to do with building and flying of radio controlled planes/helicopters. During the summer months we often get the opportunity to fly electric models outside, at club nights.