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    On advice from Martin Wood, I`ve just ordered an onboard programmable glow plug activation unit which will be powered by a separate NiMh cell. This permanent fixture allows plug power for start up and also whilst slow flying with the engine running at slow speed....in other words it keeps the glow plug alight at low throttle openings which is when the engine is most likely to flame out. I see that as additional security when on the landing circuit. There is nothing worse having an engine stop at the wrong time! This Stearman will cost nothing less than £650 to get flying so its an expensive investment to risk. Having a powered glow plug unit aboard seems like sensible insurance against a potential motor stoppage. Here is the link to the RCD3007 unit I found on eBay for £23.RC Remote Glow Plug Starter Igniter RCD3007 With Alarm Nitro Engines Planes Cars I`d be interested in comments from anyone who has used this or a similar unit on their own model(s) Mike
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    Here it is in beautiful condition. Its hardly used and came with an engine bearer set. Mike

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