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    "Build" is perhaps the wrong word as the kit is an ARTF so "assembly" is the more accurate word. Collected from Rob on Thursday, the usual retail price of this lovely semi-scale model is £217. It is a very nicely constructed offering from the thriving Vietnamese Seagull company. The parent owner would appear to be SIG. To complete the model you need either a .61 size two stroke or .90 size four stroke I/C engine or electric power set up. In addition, you need radio gear. Other than those items, its all in the box. Value for money, its a lot of nicely constructed model for the dosh. The kit includes a conversion kits. It is your choice whether you go I/C, in which case you use supplied two part engine bearers, fuel tank and a throttle linkage wire and outer sheath. The electric kit comprises an electric motor mounting box is also in the kit. Four M4 bolts allow either the I/C or electric kit to use the same bulkhead blind nuts to secure either of the conversion kits. It is a very cute design and you could convert either way in about half an hour if you wish to do a later conversion. The core of the model was built in about four hours on Thursday. Another five hours were spent on Friday with most of the effort going into manufacture of the dummy rigging wires and end fittings. This was my first effort at rigging and I found it slow and somewhat tedious. It is very fiddly work and you need steady hands and reasonable eye sight to deal with the plastic coated rigging wire and the pre-cut lengths of aluminum crush tube. The tube lengths were rather mean but Rob had previously sold me a length of ali tube so this saved the day. Slightly longer tubes allowed a better finished crimp to be formed. Sixteen lengths of rigging need to be constructed to achieve the full visual effect. That job is perhaps the most difficult aspect of this kit assembly. My rigging effort is reasonable but I would expect to achieve a higher standard with my next effort. Practice makes for a better technique and less frustration as one becomes more adept with the process. The Oracover covering has been well applied at the factory. No issues at all with that. The model is easily assembled using normal hand tools and there are no nasty surprises or irritations within the kit. This kit is a class leader when compared to some of the naff under developed Chinese laser kits which have recently flooded onto the market place. Made ready for flying, the Flybaby took just twenty or so hours to put together. In the 1750mm/70" class, its a lot of model for the money. The finished all up weight is 9.6Lbs. This includes a 50/65 420Kv motor and a 4500mAh lipo together with an appropriate speed controller. I have a dislike of UBEC units having had one burn out on Rob Newmans` counter recently. A five cell 2600 NiMh additional free standing battery pack has been fitted above the electric motor mounting box to provide a separate and stand alone Rx/servo power supply. I find that rather more reassuring than waiting for another UBEC to go up in smoke! The electric motor set up employed on this Flybaby has been snatched from my well known and trusty No 1 Ultra Stick. It is the right spec for the job and utilizes a 15x8 APC prop. I have a 360Kv version of this motor currently installed in another Ultra Stick. This can turn a slightly bigger diameter prop which the Ultra Stick can handle with its taller landing gear. No 1 will be refitted today with that power unit. Would I buy another Seagull offering? Yes, I certainly would. Great price and value for money. Construction is first class and the finished item cuts a good dash. Yet to be flown but not possible to do this Sunday due to the Biggin Hill Airshow, I might nip up to Fickleshole tomorrow or perhaps when some of us gather on Tuesday morning. More on the first flight shortly. Mike
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    Inspired by Jim Beagley`s RCM&E article detailing a Panic build, I just had to have one. Robs design is bullet proof. I suppose every modeller eventually has to have one in their hangar collection. As we know, the model is as simple and functional as it gets. The kit is distributed by J Perkins and produced in Pakistan. The timber grades are first rate and the laser cutting the most accurate I`ve yet seen. The build was a doddle. Not perhaps easy for the first time builder but quickly put together if you have a couple of other model builds under your belt. My total build time was about 75hrs with probably around 12 of those hours being spent on the fiddly colour scheme. You will need to find around £105 for the kit. On top of that, you will need to provide a fuel tank, wheels, control horns, clevises, link rods, cyno hinges, cyno adhesive and quick set epoxy, glass wing tape, typical industrial slow cure laminating epoxy resin, piano wire for control push rods, clevis connectors and a bit of 5/16"dowel for the elevator push rod. You will also need to provide covering film, radio gear, power unit (glow or electric) and servos. My cost tot up comes to around £220 which includes a brand new and un-run SC .75 two stroke motor bought on eBay for just £28 including post. My Panic was completed inside eight days. One wing was built, sheeted and covered in about ten hours. Robs foolproof constructional detailing ensures the wings come off the board, straight, true and flat. The final all up flying weight with seven metal geared servos, without any ballast and with a dry tank came out at 6.9Lb which Rob tells me is acceptable. The colour scheme is a bit manic but apparently good for a Panic. It was Frantically applied by a Moronic....Nuff said! What is the kit like then? Perfectly acceptable in my opinion; simple to build, easy enough to jam full of control gear. Nothing to it really. A nice problem free build with a quick result. Now lets see how it flies..... Mike
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    It progresses well. Wings built now and covering in progress. The build time has stretched a bit due to my Father being laid up in East Surrey Hospital and having to drive down there several times a day. I see I started construction of this Bi-stormer about five weeks ago so even those commitments the build hasn`t been that slow. Images here show where I am currently with this model. Can`t wait to fly it!! More in due course. The next build is JP Panic which I`m due to collect from Rob shortly. Mike
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