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    Some further progression now with the Fly Baby landing gear now sheathed in a 1/32" ply and balsa laminate. The covering is sticky backed vinyl which I previously used to tonse up some bare white UPVC windows on the house. I obtaining it from eBay several years ago. It is of external grade and five years later still looks good having been subjected to all weathers. The ply laminate required epoxy on the surface to give "energy" for the vinyl adhesive. That enables the low tack vinyl to grab the surface and adhere well. Joints and corners had a little more epoxy applied over then to help stop fuel ingress. The result looks quite convincing and rather like raw spruce. Its as near as I could get to emulating the timber work on the full sized aircraft. Now onto the cabanes which need similar treatment. Mike
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    More work done. Tail feathers all have hand made brass hard points fitted for flying wires. In addition, the tail wheel unit is installed. Custom made registration letters are in the post. Not cheap at £49 but quick and reliable service from The Sign Builder on line or via eBay. Their work is of high quality and I previously used this business when I had the graphics done on my big Extra. No doubt I could have sourced for less cash but that requires a trip to Gerry Booth at Wallington which costs in miles, fuel and time. As we are all on home lock down due to the virus panic, I makes sense just to send off for the graphics and stay off the streets! This model progresses. Landing gear, inter-plane struts, flying wires etc remain to be constructed. The Fly Baby will then be on the downhill streak towards completion. Mike
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    Bottom wing now covered with servos installed. Both wings now trial fitted with inevitable slight height across model issues. Two heads being better than one suggests that a trip over to Rob for a little advice would be benificial. Scratch built bi-planes are not the easiest thing in the world to build accurately. All sent to try us. Images show the further progress. Mike.
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    More progress. My thanks to Pete Ward at the Falcon Model Flying Group for providing me with the new motor. It is now fitted to the fuselage but some cowl modifications were needed to get it to fit. Whilst the crank case width and engine bolt holes were identical to the previously fitted OS91FS, the cylinder is appreciably larger and the motor length is about 10mm longer. A spinner will cover that mismatch. It has all fitted together nicely as you can see from images. The standard exhaust sits comfortably in the lower part of the cowl and a silicon exhaust deflector tube will be able to protrude from the undersurface of the cowl. Sat on the work bench, the model is getting bigger by the moment. Another month or so of building should have this model complete. Finished dry weight is estimated at just over 11Lb. Mike
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