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  1. Lofty

    OS MAX 35AX

    APC 12.25x3.75 is what I used on my OS 32 SX, with 10% to 30% Nitro! I've had a few OS AX engines, and didn't think much of them vs SX / FX range! "Same can be said for the Alpha f/s range as well!" But having said that, the OS 75AX & Alpha F/S 56 were great! The only problem now with using higher lvls of Nitro, is the cost!
  2. You could use something like that.......they are for maintaining the battery, over a long time! So it is always ready to use! I have heard in the end, the battery will dry out. When using a maintainer thing! You could just use your AC/DC field charger, to do the job! Or just buy a standard car battery charger! You can get them from around £20+ etc etc! To me that sounds straight! Do you have 3 sets of wires? Or only 2 ? e.g if you have three, mains, cig lighter "male or female?" and x2 croc clips..........? Anyway I would always charge from the house mains! If you want you could charge by the cigarette lighter socket, but you will be taking energy from the car battery in the car! "car may not start, then :( " Its very easy to charge them 12 battery's up anyway......most modern car battery charger are auto these days! So its just plug and play..........or when green light is showing, its charged up
  3. There new Wot 4 Pro! http://www.ripmax.com/Item.aspx?ItemID=A-CF002PRO http://www.tjdmodels.com/wot-4-pro-artf-p-26094.html?cPath=77&sort-order=desc&sort-by=3
  4. Indeed its not that big at all! But for most people / flyer's 80inch is still a larger model! When it comes to the LMA test you have to use a large model.....which is over 80inchs. "most flyer take the test with something bigger" Also for most clubs, 7kg is the max weight as well! "as you know" When it comes to the equipment, you would only need say 6kg servos all round.......I would also go metal geared as well! And nothing else that super at all! Just a standard set-up for the most part....... Indeed seen lots of enlarged plan's / kits "mosty self done"! But sometimes it don't work well...... These is the LMA Genesis trainer, which can take up to a 65cc engine! But its a full build kit and looks like a crapo Acro Wot Would be cool to have a 100inch+ Boomerang trainer. A lot of the big trainers are also made for towing as well, or become scale looking training planes! I have also flown the Pilot RC 90" trainer....... But none of that stuff needs power box, 2x rx etc etc! But there nothing stopping you from using it, well a part from money
  5. I am sure, I've seen a super size Cougar 2000....maybe at Wings & Wheels years and years ago! A nice ARTF larger than standard model is the RipMax Acro Wot XL.......Colour scheme is a bit, so, so! But you can put a 25 / 35 CC engine in it and its under 7kg! Would / could be a good first time petrol plane! Was flying one a few weekends ago....... Shame the XL Wot4 is 45/55 cc engine and over 7kg! P.s You can get the Acro Wot XL kit for around £200, which is not a bad price for a 80"ish model!
  6. Yep that is another way of getting a car battery! I used also used my old car battery's as well!
  7. I only have 1 charger now, and its the Pro-Peck sticker version of the fusion charger....which is the same! Its not the best and its not that bad......will do anything an avg. RC flyer needs! Most good model shops would discount that price anyway, "maybe"! But also you may be able to find the same charger at HobbyKing as well! A lot of the in-side parts are the same as well, even if they have different looking outer body's. Lots of people at the field have HobbyKing chargers, so best to talk to them....
  8. Standard car battery would most likely cost you way more than £10, more like £40+! Most of them come with a floating charge indicator...e.g if you can see the green you are ok, if you can;t charge it up "some turn Red" Or just play it by ear......work it out in your head how much you have used the battery for charging other batterys.... The higher the Amp hour of the battery the more you can charge from it.......but they do cost more and get heavy er etc etc So a 75 Amp hour battery could charge 75 x 1000mha battery's.......or there about's! But the more you charge from the 12v car battery the lower the voltage of the battery its self.....so you will not get 75 full charges at all........ Also what type / voltage battery's do you want to charge, off the 12 car battery.....plays a big part of it as well! E.g good luck charging 5+ cell Li-Po off a car battery..... I had to use a 12v petrol generator with the big stuff.........or lots of small stuff with multi chargers running! Having said all that, if you just want to charge 3 / 4 cell Li-Po's and 4 / 5 cell RX,TX battery's then a standard 12v car battery will do! When it comes to chargers, make sure you get a charger that is AC / DC.........so you can use it from a wall socket or a power supply and 12v battery! A lot of the chargers are the same, but come with different company stickers on them! I am not going to talk about HobbyKing, someone else can! But if you want a standard AC/DC charger from the UK shop then something like this :- http://www.logicrc.com/?s=c:0,c:40,c:40-30&ItemId=O-FS-LX60BP or http://www.ripmax.com/Item.aspx?ItemID=O-IP2851/EUR&Category=O0150 Not saying buy one of these, the RipMax one is £90, lol wtf! But this is the type of standard charger, that most people have! These are also very good, I've had a few......but only 12v DC http://www.sloughrc.com/default.asp?WPG=SRCM_HomePage1&itemid=4402930 P.s The more bells and whistle you want in a charger the more its going to cost
  9. They are only around 3kg at 6v........maybe a bit more powerful and faster with a fully charge 5 cell battery! I always charged the battery up every 3 flights or so as well! Futaba S3001 4.8V 33 oz-in (2.4 kg-cm) 0.28 sec/60° 6.0V 42 oz-in (3.0 kg-cm) 0.22 sec/60°
  10. You could try one of them newish Li-FePO4 / A123, 2 cell batteys, they come in all sizes and mAh's! They do cost a bit more than a standard battery, but give you so much more! "just a thought"..... Best to fly it and see what the roll rate is like! If you find you are getting servo / control blow back, then you may need to replace them with some thing a bit better! I did fly one on Futaba S3001's all round, and it was ok! But in the end, its all down to how you fly it or what you want to do with it! Edit:- I have always flown mine on 5 cell batterys tho!
  11. Not telling you to do this, but is that yellow tray main fuselage straight part or just a tray for mouthing a Li-Po battery? If not you could cut a slot for the battery to sit in the slot next to the fus wall, vertically!? e.g where the slots are cut out already for the hook & loop fastener to go. Did you also glue that part in yourself, or did it come like that? My Cougar 2000 never had that part in them! Also the throttle servo was mounted flat on the bottom part of the fuselage........."under that yellow tray, which wasn't there...... I see they give you a throttle servo mount now as well! Anyway an-till its finish, you may not know where the battery needs to go for the CoG! P.s Maybe cut half that tray away......so you can mount the battery flat on the bottom of the fus !?
  12. From the photos of the yellow tray! Looks like you could easy use that to mount a flat 5cell battery in place with hook & loop, double side tape or pull tie's etc. etc.
  13. I've used standard servo's "Futaba S3001" all around before on 5 cell battery and it was all right! Also used S3010 and S3152 as well... I don't think you need much more than top-spec standard for this type of model!.....but having said that, metal gear & digital servos would be better! Also better to have 5kg+ servos for elev / rud! But in the end, its how you are going to fly it = what servos to use!

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