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  1. Spiffy is back on the Forum, thanks to Rich talking me through. Eyesight still shot, so will post some stuff to buy later, but may need some help sorting it out. regards from Spiffy aka Terry
  2. Hi, Thanks-really need a digital one as need to advertise these pics online, as we are about to rent wife's old one bedroom flat which has been refurbished with new kitchen, bathroom etc.
  3. I need some one with a camera with a WIDE ANGLE lens to take some pictures of some rooms for me. My digital camera has too narrow field of view which only gets about a third of them in view. Standard lenses of 50mm don't cut it. Any offers? Replies ASAP please! Location would be not far from our flying field.
  4. Yep, thanks Rod. It just took BT ages to reconnect him. Hadn't realized as he was in same area that his number transferred. He has been in touch with me now, so whoever passed the message on, thanks.
  5. I know Barry doesn't log in here often, but if anyone sees him (assuming he's still alive and kicking) ask him to let me know his new phone number after he moved. Ta muchly Spiffy
  6. The Parkzone Spitty now withdrawn from sale.
  7. Complete in box a new MK Parkzone Spitfire Mk11b with everything you need. Complete with TX & RX, flightbattery, TX batteries, servos. This is an unused kit from a deceased Modeller, original cost £129 selling on behalf of widow. Contact Spiffy with best offers over 50 quids please- Can be viewed at Spiffy's pad at 4 waterworks Cottages. Tel no: 020 8657 0605 to Terry alias Spiffy
  8. Spiffy


    In addition to slope soaring I used to use a bungee launch, even for fairly large gliders, better still an electric winch system, home made using a car starter as the motor. Does require fitting a tow hook under the fuz, and with room hook released by a servo.
  9. Spiffy

    First petrol engine

    Think a bit before plumping for the Storch, you may/may not know I have one based on an old plan. Mine is 85" span with 10cc webra glo -weight 10.5 ibs (made mega changes for lightness) Storchs' have very very poor aileron control, and definitely need bags of rudder which is very large to initiate turns. Coupled aileron/rudder is the best option to fly them. Flaps produce major trim changes on the elevators. However they can be great fun and fly incredibly slowly in a head wind. The major drawback is the span of the wings which require takeoff directly into wind else they will tip over very quickly. Ditto on approach, direct into wind, steep approach with some flap on, and a nice burst of power to flare it out. Mine when the engine was new could take off in 3 feet and land in less than that-with some flap on of course. Overall I loved mine, but not the easiest to manage in windy conditions. Hope tips help.
  10. Spiffy

    Closed loop systems

    Yep, very small diameter ali tube is easy, brass is a trifle harder to crimp - the way I do it is to get the length right, and pass the free end of the cable back through the crimp tube (before crimping) so there is extra thickness for the tube to grip on when crimped. You "can" use heat shrink over the crimp to tidy it up if necessary.
  11. IMO the proposed badge is too cluttered, and would be difficult to read from a distance (read expensive also to reproduce embroidered) Why not just the club logo (current) plus C.A.M.F.C. in large letters underneath - maybe even with founding year added but is that at all necessary? Why do we need BMFA on it? Keep it simple is always best! Just my Opinion! (Not a founding member like Don but early 80s so one of the old farts)
  12. I'll see if a) My relative can do the design and b) if so what the prices would be for a small quantity Mentioned was our new logo with C.A.M.F.C. underneath (the logo on my Tx buddy box outfit is an example for those that have seen it), and not the old round badge. The logo would be embroidered directly into the cap, and not a separate badge.
  13. Ref last post above, I wear an embroidered cap done by a relative who can do them (has a machine for designs and embroidering the badges), nobody seemed interested when I asked if anyone wanted one. (Cost me a fiver by the way-though the badge is just a generic aircraft on it, but it could be a CAMFC logo if required once the design has been setup) Excellent show as usual, though I found it very tiring after 3 days there, and was so wiped out sloped off early Sunday - blame my age and infirmity!
  14. It's still mothballed at the moment, I have to sort the engine throttle connections and mix, which going to be fun threadling new control runs. Maybe get round to it when the weather is more consistent. Just too many other things to do at the moment, trying to finish the old Veron Hawker Tomtit at the moment. Have got the radio and struts to fit yet, but getting there. Bit rough on finish, as it was done too hurriedly but I expect it will fly ok.
  15. Spiffy

    Building board

    My previous board was blockboard similarly, with hardwood edgings glued and screwed to stop it warping. Served me many years, but left behind on my move. Large Plasterboard sheet is a good temporary solution for big projects, it takes pins easily and laid over a bench is nice and flat (fairly cheap too!!)

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