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  1. At last I finally finished building the Firefly after loosing the plywood motor mount which fell into the abyss of junk in the model workshop! I used servo,s reclaimed from a deceased Wot-4 foamie with wire pushrods, a 22D-28 electric motor with a pusher 7 x 5 propeller. the ESC i used to begin with was an 18A, but the motor complained and could only fly with 1/2 throttle. A larger ESC available was rated 35A, and this cured the problem. The Firefly hand launches with a grip on the outer wing and half throttle, Just bung it slightly skyward, and once airborne and stable, increase the throttle until some height is gained, making it possible to trim the controls for SAL flight. The model is great fun to fly and runs on a 3 cell 1300 Lipo for quite some time. Flights at zero height are very possible and quite fun, some aerobatics are possible, but be careful not to rip the fin off! Firefly kits may be available from Rob at Avicraft, Chatterton road, Bromley, Kent. It might be prudent to check stock before travelling. Have flying fun, Oily
  2. did you get this sorted Emma, I could have a look thru my stuff? Peter
  3. bring it all to the field in a box? Peter
  4. Car jumble to clear junk from lock up Ben. I,m home now if you want to pick up a battery, but I expect you are right and will be able to borrow something from the field Peter
  5. Sorry Ben, I shall be going to Bovingdon on Sunday, weather permitting, so unless you want to come to my house before then, it will have to wait until Sunday week? Oh, and I have to go to Guildford tomorrow at some point! Peter
  6. I have this file now, which I need to make a couple of ammendments and additions to satisfy comments that have been made previously. Oily
  7. would someone please check the airsoft diary page as apparently is no longer exists? Thank you, Chair. calendar does appear if one clicks on the pdf file.
  8. Dear Members, the Committee was asked to discuss matters arising from our use of Fickleshole field, namely the access track, a windsock and first aid kit box, and signage, amongst other things. In regards the track, it was concluded that interfering with the compacted surface with the advent of winter around the corner would be foolish and only lead to matters becoming much worse. This was based on past experience. It was decided, however, to review the situation again in March, in the meantime entering into discussion with the other users, Farmer, Clay shoot and Softball co. with a view to sharing the load. New laminated signs are being made, but we need some fresh stocks of plastic sheet to attach them to. This stuff is expensive, does anyone have some laying around the club could have? There are plans to attach a windsock to the top of the old oak tree stump in the near future, the last time we did it, it lasted for all of 3 months, so it might be worthwhile doing it again. Several members have their own windsocks and put them out if there isnt one out already. A windsock and a pole costs around 20 quid if you want to get your own? As regards an iron box for a first aid kit, I can confirm that every time we do this at Fickleshole, it dissapears in double quick time. As a result the Committee feels this is just a waste of time and money, especially as many members carry their own first aid kits in their cars. The Club Trailer is to be brought to the field on 28th October 2017 (weather permitting). The tyres will be let down so the trailer settles onto blocks, and can then be used for members uses. We will need some volunteers to help erect the Party Tent stored in it, in order to check condition, take pictures so it can be put up for sale for club funds. Please let us know if you would be available to help around that time, thanks. I hope this will draw a line under at least some of the quieries, in the meantime, Thank you, Oily eck condition
  9. Former CAMFC member Dominic has for sale the following items:- DB Tiger Moth with 52 four cycle engine and radio equipment in superb condition, finished in red and silver. £250. DB Piper cub part built kit - nothing missing from kit, all parts there. £50. Futaba FF7 2.4 TX like new. £120, Heat Iron, £10 Flight box with panel, battery and fuel etc, £70 Rylandes designs Dork kit, £50. Parkzone Piper Cub, £40, Parkzone Spitfire, £40. Call Dominic on 07956 332687. Dom is a carpenter by trade and his building skills are second to none - Oily.
  10. Hi Ben have you reported problems with logging in on the forum under the name Ben F ? Peter
  11. I knew Bravedan would have the answers - thank you
  12. It should not be necessary to remind members that there should be NO I.C. flying on Bank Holiday Mondays 28th April and 1st May. This is to comply with the by-law which is part of our planning permission to use the fields for flying (Croydon and Fickleshole) Many Thanks, Chair.

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