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  1. Hi guys Looking to sell my TT Raptor 50 v2. It’s a few years old but has hardly been flown. Let's be honest, when was the last time you even saw me at the field smile emoticon Due to a lack of time and to be honest a change of hobbies, it is just sitting in the garage getting dusty. Spec is as follows TT Raptor 50 v2 with Subaru WRC graphicsOS 50 Hyper Throttle Jockey Pro engine governor Quick UK header tank Futaba S9252 servos on cyclic and collective Futaba GY401 Gyro and S9253 tail servo SAB carbon main blades Curtis Youngblood carbon tail blades On board battery checker remote glow A few other Quick uk alloy upgrades It is also fitted with JR 35mhz RX and a 4000mA (or thereabouts) nimh battery. But as no one flies 35mhz anymore and the battery has not been charged for a couple of years I would strongly suggest these are replaced. Looking for £225 before I break it down and sell it in parts. *** Edit: I know the thumbnails are upside down but if you click on them they show correctly *** [attachment=2]IMG_1115.JPG[/attachment] [attachment=1]IMG_1116.JPG[/attachment] [attachment=0]IMG_1118.JPG[/attachment]
  2. ... and Arun wanted the DX7 too so if I don't hear from you by Thursday I'll be selling it to him
  3. .... and if you don't want to ask Dave you can ask me. I lost a quarter scale extra on the first flight due to an under-speced servo. Now I always over spec the servos and personally would be worried about using 3001's. Just take it easy
  4. Darren

    Ooh - Pi!

    I've only downloaded the Debian os so far but haven't really done much more than power it up and log on.
  5. Darren

    Ooh - Pi!

    Mine is up and running but had no time to do anything meaningful with it yet
  6. Darren

    Toothbrush plane?

    ..... and I have a number of Dart (and Grasshopper) kits in the clubs Egg & Spoon club night box.
  7. Dab of hot glue? Double sided foam sticky pad?
  8. Git Yesterday was the first time I've been able to get the car off the drive in two weeks and there's still a few inches of snow lingering around. If you get a minute, try and get to Boulders Beach. Just be careful you don't run over a penguin in the car park
  9. Darren

    YT Reviews

    Dan Agreed we do need a cull, I have un-stickied this one and try to find sometime to have a tidy up.
  10. Richard I have 34Gb of pics for you Seriously, I shoot everything in RAW format so they are about 30Mb each pic and 5184x3456, tell me what resolution you need and I'll convert them down to jpeg. I need to supply some to RCMW and RCMF magazines for them to use in reviews and for all sorts of boring legal issues they (and us) cannot use the same images. I suggest we have a look at what I've got and pick a set for you to use. I'll bring laptop to club night
  11. Nothing left I'm afraid. We did have two L polos but they were taken to check size and they fitted, so they have gone now.
  12. Steve & Richard - excellent idea on the video. We have been approached in the past about doing a 'proper' video by a company that would film & edit and then sell copies with us getting a cut but it has always been a bit last minute. I try to do both photos and video but to be honest is more than one person can cope with. I'll continue to do the pictures and if we can combine with your video then as the Capt Bev said we can produce something better than before.
  13. Trevor Glad to hear it's working so well, be good to see it for real one day
  14. Guys, I've now created an 'official 2009 pictures' album over on the SMAS website gallery If anyone has pics they would like included, please email me 1024x800 ish versions to be uploaded.

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