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    Simply amazing....Russian had to be This gives you an idea of how good these guys are when it comes to engineering, from rockets to airplanes, from engineers to normal people. Even in the WWII and obviously cold war were the pioneers. Shame it gets shadowed by the Americans and all the propaganda they do giving themselves all the credit as usual.. Awesome!
  2. unreal... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vHRQ0-W48YA
  3. Hello everyone! It has been a while I havent been at the field as I have been very busy moving house, etc.. and life has been hectic! As I dont live close to Croydon anymore, I think I will not be able to fly at CAMFC very often but will definitely see you guys at the airshow next year and summer BBQ if possible. With all this moving house, etc... havent flown for over 3 months and cant wait to start charging batteries, smelling petrol and getting dirty at the patch again! Will stay in touch through the forum anyway and in the meantime I wish you all a very nice Xmas and Happy New Year 2013! See you around!
  4. This guy comes from another planet... and still long way to go! amazing
  5. Wow... Not safe though for crowds!
  6. Been doing more research and I think is to do with the fuel/oil ratio as well... Will try next time and let you guys know.
  7. Sorry!, thats right! ... need a holiday...
  8. 100:1 mix!! Engine must spit oil all over!
  9. MMmm DLE suggest a 30:1 mix for the engine and heard that pretty much everyone uses 30:1 for 30cc, but will try a 50:1 and see how the engine behaves as it might be the cause of the problem... Thanks.
  10. I run 30:1 mix using Optifuel Premix oil as when I bought the engine second hand the previous owner used this since brand new. Last time I flew the mustang, tried to tweak the High needle thinking about the same, and couldn't solve that raspy sound at high revs... I still think is something to do with tuning the engine as don't thing bearings or vibration is an issue here but I could be wrong. ... Will keep trying..
  11. On the ground it seems to happen but not much. The engine sort of does that but in more irregular intervals. I dont think is the ignition system or anything related with that otherwise it would happen at any given rpm, but again I have not much experience with these petrol engines... I think most likely to be some tuning problem with the H needle...

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