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  1. Emma

    Phoenix RC Dongle

    Sorry for not replying sooner, I've managed to borrow 2 now thank you but i'd like to get mine fixed or replaced if possible. I have taken it to work to see if i can do it. if not Trevor i might give you a shout. Emma
  2. Hello, i was wondering if anyone has a non broken Phoenix rc flight simulator dongle they aren't currently using that they might be willing to lend me. My USB lead into the box has been damaged during my house move and I could really do with practicing my take offs and landings before I risk my airplane. thank you for reading emma
  3. Hi Mike, thanks for popping into the shop with it yesterday. I can confirm it is a very nicely done kit, beautifully cut and I love the ply box it came in (you know you can dispose of it my way when you've finished with it lol 🤗) I'm looking forward to seeing it built very soon and you bringing it along to the club one night. Em.
  4. I think a lot of people hope that Ben.......I'm bringing the food lol x
  5. 29th July Ben. It's on the calendar you were all emailed at the start of the year x
  6. I have a feeling you'll be there Ben (or at least your dad will be )
  7. No. I've been writing newsletter article and attending events as well as working. Just packing for Old warden and making plans for the family BBQ 😀
  8. Ben do you know what the motor is and the rating of the esc? emma
  9. A forthcoming event for your Diary On the evening of the 19th of January (6.00 til 9.00) Avicraft are hosting a Perkins night . There will be new products and some special prices and we hope to have Mike Perkins in the shop as well. Please Come along and support your local (how ever far you have to drive) Shop and JP a great Supplier To keep helping you. the parking in the evening is good with good restraunts close by for After the event . Should be a good evening for all. Hope to see you there.
  10. Avicraft have a newer copy
  11. Haven't been to the field for a couple of weeks so was delighted to hear that both Sam and Matthew have been cleared for solo flight. Congratulations to you both xx
  12. Emma

    Avicraft Watkins Retro

    I'm sorry I missed you James. I've picked out the colours today ready for when i get that far lol. Its a very nice little kit to make so far. Robs telling people that if emma can build it anyone can! Just got to decide nitro or electric x
  13. This is my first ever attempt to build anything with Glue. so far so good.
  14. On offer at Avicraft today.
  15. For those of you not on facebook Rob at Avicraft is holding a draw until Thursday 16th November 2017 for a chance to win a Hitec Flash 8. You get a free ticket when you buy any JP product. He also sells gift vouchers if you are stuck for christmas present ideas. Em

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