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FlySky FS-i6 Transmitter Combo

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I have suddenly gained one of these sets wrongly supplied as part of a bigger buy, was not ordered, but effectively I'd be arguing over £17 to return it and get the Rx I had ordered and I doubt they will pay postage back (it was though from a true UK source, NOT China). :?


So I have played with it............ :roll:


I'm quite shocked by it, as so far its easy to set up, has a decent menu system, OK display, 2.4GHz frequency hopping dual diversity, 6 channels, 20 model memories, four assignable switches, one being three way, and two pots.................AND telemetry from its neat well cased two aerial 6Ch RX, which also has direct PPM output to go into things like NASA boards and other multi gear and save lots of wiring!! Digital trims and a trainer socket.............


Its also a small thin case that is comfortable at my hand size yet would be ideal for junior sized hands, AND it has adjustable stick length.


These things retail out at less than £50 UK source............for the COMBO.......................... :shock::shock::shock:


I'll find out tomorrow if it has a range of inches...........after all, it can't be any good, can it??........... :mrgreen:


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Well, It was so good that not only am I using it, I have bought more receivers.


It's ended up being my "Quad" radio, esp as the Rx I'm using has PPM output so only one lead from Rx to Flight Controller.


I have bought 6 channel Rx's from UK source @ approx £7 each. A contact has just ordered two from China fir £4 each.


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I should really visit this forum more often!


Great info, thanks Dave. I'll definitely be purchasing this. £4 for just the RX is great value, especially when you consider the bashing a mini quad takes regularly from us! :lol:


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