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Phoenix - Ready for the Winter??

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I intend hosting Phoenix online sessions over winter.


If you have not been active recently, listen up, Punk!! :wink:


You should already be aware that to multi-play online we all need to be on the same version.


Currently, the Launcher is at v1.2, and the main program at 5.0w.


However, a change to 5.5 is imminent, and 5.5d is as I write available for beta download via the "advanced" menu in the 1.2 Launcher.


I currently have a PC on each, 5.0w and 5.5d Beta. I have not had any significant issues with the Beta, and "d" seems to be operating well.


Again, if you have not kept up, both the official site and others now offer not only extra flying sites and recolour schemes for existing models together with a level of variant flight tuning, but also now completely new user made models.


Extra Schemes and Sites can transfer between versions, variant in performance cannot. Phoenix state that the Beta load process backs your existing system and you can therefore revert if required by menu operation in Launcher.


I will not deal with the how and where to do this NOW, but after a fair bit of testing and selecting I will be using some few selected user made sites, models and schemes NOT contained at the moment within Phoenix's own download system. Its not rocket science nor very time consuming to do, and greatly enhances multiplayer operation.


SO, to keep this post short:-


1. Is your Phoenix launcher and main program up to date? (Done online from the Phoenix website)


2. Are you prepared to load and use the Beta (which may shortly be unavoidable anyway)? (Recommended)


3. Are you prepared to load a few extra model and site files from locations I will provide to enhance the prog? (Recommended).


Up for it???


Please advise..........................


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Might give it a go on my new laptop Dave, that is, once i've figured out how to work it, and once i've figured out the stuff that Geoff has passed over to me for the Phoenix (he's a good lad :)


Oily :wink:


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Just checked - I wasn't too far behind (1.1 launcher and 5.0v). Now updated to 1.2 and 5.0w. I can update to 5.5d if that's what everyone else is using.

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I'll join. Where do you plan to announce these sessions Dave so I can subscribe appropriately - Flying Diary or the Online section?

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I was assuming Online, where the "Coming Shortly.............." post is.


This is a useful reminder for me, though - I'll set a watch on that forum too!


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Simulators, On-Line, as per site instructions........................ :wink:


This is a general discussion thread. Flying Diary is strictly for real world flying.


I'm about to start pointing at extra planes and schemes and flying sites to load. I think it might be best to have a heading and thread for each one, as that means people can raise any issues specifically and not have to trawl other issues on other things through page after page (like RCGroups, effectively, I'm doing that task for you)!!.


One thing now, it's certain that you will need to go to http://www.rcgroups.com and to at least a couple of threads there to pick up items. It will help if you have a login there, so if not already there, get registered asap, OK? I will be referring to specific posts in specific threads where files are attached, files will NOT be here as they will not get updated by originator and likely they won't want multiple sources (I don't allow it on my freeware!!).


First session sometime this week will be using v5.5d Beta, Flying Field, and only std issue Planes/Helis, so an easy no nonsense start EVERYONE can handle easily as long as you have 5.5d (or any issue this week) up and running.


Be prepared though, as I'll very soon after be leading you off towards downloading a limited number of other flying sites I consider exceptionally good (I currently have over 200, so have a good idea on what to avoid!!!!). I will also be leading you off towards non-std planes, particularly SLOPE GLIDERS, which are very badly served by the std Phoenix fare. You may even get to fly a £10k plus Dynamic Soaring Word Record holding Kinetic!!!!


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