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Phoenix - Slope Soaring Sites (for Club Online)

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OK, here we go, the first two sites, both tested by me under 5.5d.



Watergate Bay, Cornwall, Sunset






Peninsula Halfmoonbay




These are both ZIP files that you will need to download and then extract with their folder name as in archive.


The EXACT place to extract them to varies as per version of Windows, but basically you will need to place user-made sites in your Documents folder tree under:-




The PhoenixRC folder and sub folders are created by Phoenix during installation, so you need to find them, not make them.



These sites add to "Countryside Hill", which is a standard site and will not be listed where you are saving files to.


Unfortunately "Lagos Rock" and "Montebello Castle" could have been other useful for slope Phoenix standard sites, but there is no wind set, and when setting your own wind for a site, you cannot control the lift and banding properly.


Anyway, these two extra sites will give some variety.


Go for it!!


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Hi Dave,

I must be missing something, I can't locate the link to download the Watergate Bay site. Can you point me in the right direction?


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I thought the same thing, but if you go to the YouTube link that Dave posted (which is a video of the site in use), and read the full description by the creator (click "SHOW MORE") then it includes the download link:

I get alot of questions asking if this site can be downloaded so here's a link http://www.360p.co.uk/watergate-bay-sunset.zip


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Great sites. I especially like the Watergate Bay one with the sunset and shadows


sent from my phone


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