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Midwest Extra 300S 80" kit & build

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Beyond my knowledge, Ben.

Perhaps James could kindly comment further.


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That regulation refers to any model that is capable of having a fail safe set and it really comes down to the user (ie us) to know the laws and regulations that we are required to fly to. All the information is available from the BMFA, either in the handbook or the CAP 658 publication. As recent events have showed, we must all be seen to be flying to the law and regulations and ignorance of these widely published documents is no excuse unfortunately these days.

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It has been month since I last posted on the progress of the Extra.

It made its first public appearance at the AGM. I`m grateful to James for his complementary comments. Also to Sam and his father for the kindly phrased and very helpful comments and suggestions. This is the first time I`ve built such a large and heavy model so in this respect I`ve been breaking into new and unknown territory. The learning cure has been steep and the construction and fitting out of this model...well lets say eyewateringly expensive and at least double the cost of a typical 60" model. Some £800 seams like a good but may be conservative guestimate!  I`ve tried not to count the cost but my pocket now seems somewhat empty!! At least me trousers are not so prone to falling down unexpectedly....

So where am I now with this over-sized project? Apart from checking CoG, the model is now ready for sound level checks. I`m assuming I`ll not be breaking any of our rules by doing so at Fickleshole? Please advise me if this is not the case.

The Extra has been on a weight building spree with nothing more now to add. The Just Engines muffler system has been delivered and fitted. Perhaps a tad too long, side to side, but with a bit of cowl nibbling, the system fitted in a treat. My spec to JE was to build the quietest muffler system for a DLE 40 twin that they had ever made. It is their best shot at helping this model achieve the mandatory 82dB or less. It perhaps accounts for some of the weight at around a half pound. The model now tips the scales at the top specified weight stated by Midwest at 17.1Lb/7.78Kg. Where does all this weight come from in the last few hours of construction?! It just piles on!! This puts paid for ever any slim possibility that this model would ever be able to fly out of Fickleshole. So be it. Other arrangements are being made and I hope to be able to advise about that when and if I receive appropriate notification.

Images here show the new JE muffler system supplied with over-length pipes to enable me to cut them to a precise length once the muffler can was fitted to the front bulk head. The long length of the exhaust after the muffler can be further truncated as required but at the moment acts as a useful carrying handle....

One thing is for sure. These old vintage kits are very much heavier that the latest manufacturers offerings. Updated constructional methods and laser cutting enable a bulk of excess material to easily be removed at the factory. Die stamping or scratch build DIY projects don`t seem to have such an advantage. Times and design technology move on with the years. I know Sam and his father were clearly quite shocked at the mass of this model. Typical of the era in which it was produced seemed to be the prognosis.

Not much more I can say presently. Only the up and coming noise testing will now decide if this monster will ever be able to become a flyer. The idea is not an impossibility. Many other Midwest Extra examples of similar weight can be seen flying successfully on You Tube videos. Most of the footage would appear to come from the States. A natural back ground for a model of this parentage.

As always guys, comments and observations gratefully received.












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