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Futaba trainer F settings

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Jim, as you Mentioned the trainer F settings today,


If the F settings are selected on the master controller, Any mixing ie reverses, etc, Expo, Rates will be cloned by the Students Transmitter, Is that right?,


Are the trims on the students transmitter also cloned with this setting, And his / her, dual rate switch?, Futaba we are talking,


Also would it make a difference to this question on whether both transmitters are 2.4ghz or 35mhz or both mixed,


I would have thought that either way, The trims on the students Transmitter would have to be independantly adjusted.


So basically, Would it be best to use N or F Settings, I am assuming F at the moment,


Can you enlighten me on this,,,


Any Advice welcome, Not just aimed at Jimbo :wink:


Steve,,, 8)

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Hi Steve.


So this is how I understand it.

If the channel is set to 'F' on the master, then all the levels recevied from the buddy box have all the reversing, expo, dual rates and trims applied by the master. If the master changes trim or switches rates, the buddy box gets this as well. I set up a model in the Tx to be used as the slave with nothing reversed, no expo and everything set to 100% and call it 'Buddy Box'.


If the channel is set to 'N', nothing is done by the master to the channel, and all the settings are taken from the buddy box. In this mode, you have to replicate all the reversing, expo, EPA etc in both boxes.


If the channel is set to '-', then the buddy box channel is ignored by the master regardless of what the buddybox is saying. This is useful for example leaving throttle and rudder under the control of the instructor.


All this is regardless of 35/2.4 etc etc.


Hope that helps.

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I think this is only available on certain Futaba radios, like the 9Z and 10C. Dont think it is available on 6EXA.

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Also seems to be a few conflicts with connections that we have to bear in mind, Such as,,,


If connecting the 6EX-2.4GHz to another 6EX-2.4GHz with the small, square “micro†trainer jack, use the “Micro to Microâ€

(MM-TC) trainer cord (FUTM4415). Never connect the T6EX-2.4GHz trainer system with Futaba radios that have the

large round "DIN" connector type as it will cause your T6EX-2.4GHz to malfunction. The T6EX-2.4GHz transmitter may be

connected to another T6EX-2.4GHz, or any T4EX, T6EXA, T7C, T9C, T12Z, T14MZ, FX-40 series transmitter.



If connecting the 6EXA to another 6EXA with the small, square “micro†trainer jack, use the “Micro to Micro†(MM-TC) trainer

cord (FUTM4415). If connecting the 6EXA to Futaba radios with the larger, round, “DIN†connector, use “Micro to DIN†(MD-TC)

trainer cord (FUTM4420). The T6EXA transmitter may be connected to another T6EXA, or any 4VF, 6VA Skysport, FF6 - 9, or

9Z series transmitter.


Does this mean that square to round should not be used on the 2.4Ghz system,,,,,,


Steve,,, 8)

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