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Clearance (Hi-Spec) Servos

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Back when I restarted RC flying in 2007 and was making lots and lots of small foamies I started with Hitec micro and mini servos. At the time they seemed great, but over time and wider experience I realised they had very vulnerable geartrains, even the ones being advertised as "tough", and were not that cheap either, so drifted away. One advantage they did have was a longer than usual lead length at that size of unit, making more locations possible without extensions.


Not been back since, years rather than months, so the situation might be very different (or might not since they are being cleared!).


What experiences have you had please?

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I use Hitec HS5485HB as my "standard" digital servo. I've been very happy with them and they have survived a fair few mishaps without any sign of issue to the gear train. No slop either which is benefit of plastic over metal gear train.


In my 50cc/88" Pilot Extra I have Hitec HS7955TG. These are excellent an one of a handful of models consistently trusted (based on other forums and talking to other flyers) to larger aerobatic airframes. No complaints here, but they have a price tag to match.


I had some small Hitec servos (I forget which) with metal gears in an RC Factory foamy. Had no issues with them and they survived many prangs without issue - ultimately outliving two foamy airframes that saw a lot of abuse during practice.


All things considered, I have no issue with the Hitec range but all my current servos are less than 2 yrs old...


... or might not since they are being cleared


It is odd why they would clear all these, I think there are some changes afoot in the servo market with wider adoption of high-voltage models and probably a refresh of the Hitec range. Certainly they've announced a few new models of late...

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