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  1. Piano wire now gone.
  2. Got about 15X assorted props from 12" down going free, and an assortment of wheels for aircraft, loadsa piano wire for various use, loadsa servo horns etc. Any body interested for spares? Contact Spiffy
  3. Concept 30 RC Helicopter for sale. OS glo engine. complete with servos & Gyro for tail control and 35MHz RX. Spare new canopy, starter cone, some links for rotor head. Not used for some years so batteries may need replacing. Reasonable offers please to Spiffy (Terry) on 07960604894
  4. Two Futaba Transmitters for sale in nice Ali Case complete with buddy lead for teaching purposes. 1. Type T9CP 9 channel Computerised TX presently with 35MHz module, can be converted to 2,4GHz with plug in module (not provided). 2. T6EXAP 6 channel 35MHz TX with buddy lead to connect to 1. for teaching. Both with necstraps etc. Batteries not tested recently. Reasoable offers please - phone spiffy (terry) on 07960604894
  5. Spiffy

    For Sale

    Feisler Storch and DC3 Twin also now sold.
  6. Tomtit sold, wot trainer sold, Sea King Heli also sold. Still up for grabs - Feisler Storch 8ft span -German Camoflage and markings -super STOL aircraft, Dakota DC3 twin in Eastern airlines livery with Robart retracts special for this model, and fitted 2 X 4 stroke engines and 9 servos fitted, and lastly and old super 7 airframe -no gear or engine. Offers please
  7. Spiffy

    For Sale

    Wot trainer also now sold
  8. I have advertised my Sea King Helicopter on Ebay. This is a unique model as it has scratch built body, not available commercially. Large model 1.5m long. I have some offers £400>. Anyone in the club interested before it's sold on? Was stored so needs some TLC to the engine, and batteries replaced. Be quick and phone 07960604894 if wanted.
  9. Spiffy

    For Sale

    Veron Tomtit now sold
  10. Spiffy

    For Sale

    Wot Trainer with .40 2-stroke, all servos and flightpack fitted. Veron Tomtit Biplane - 57 4-stroke, servos and flightpack fitted (32" span) Concept 30 Helicopter complete with some spares (Canopy, starter cone, linkages etc) fitted OS 2 -stroke, servos and Gyro. My Scale Storch complete with flightpack 8ft span as flown at Sandown Park exhibitions and various shows for DB. German Camo finish. Scratch built from modified plans. Superb slow flyer, STOL performance. Vintage but still flyable. DC3 with twin 57 4-strokes, 9 servos fitted in Eastern airlines livery. Unflown, ta
  11. I have a lot of modelling gear that needs sorting and selling. Difficult at moment in the pandemic., so will have to wait till lockdown over. Items include my Veron Tomtit Biplane (1920s circa RAF trainer) (Nylon covered wings -see pic) complete with 4 stroke and servos etc, A Wot trainer with 40 2stroke, again all fitted servos etc, Old Super7 no gear or engine,New scale DC3 twin with 2 x 57 4strokes (see pic) and all fitted out,unflown,has robart retracts and all new servos. Kyosha Concept 30 Helicopter with a range of spares, all gear with it incl. gyro, and a huge assortment of modell
  12. Spiffy is back on the Forum, thanks to Rich talking me through. Eyesight still shot, so will post some stuff to buy later, but may need some help sorting it out. regards from Spiffy aka Terry
  13. Hi, Thanks-really need a digital one as need to advertise these pics online, as we are about to rent wife's old one bedroom flat which has been refurbished with new kitchen, bathroom etc.
  14. I need some one with a camera with a WIDE ANGLE lens to take some pictures of some rooms for me. My digital camera has too narrow field of view which only gets about a third of them in view. Standard lenses of 50mm don't cut it. Any offers? Replies ASAP please! Location would be not far from our flying field.
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