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  1. Welcome back cabbie, Hope to see you up the field soon, Steve.
  2. Thanks Rod, I will print off the rates and throws etc then, See you Tommorrow, Steve,,,
  3. Hi All, I need a t7c transmitter to fly at the show at Hever Castle, My one has just burnt out, Even if I can borrow one , Or of course I will buy it from you, Or something similar, Steve,,,,
  4. Thanks for the reply Oily, I have found a new roof now from Gala tents, It Is only £82, As they are doing them at half price, They are good quality at 500gsm, I expect that they can also supply the sides etc that you need, If you pm me, I can give you the direct phone number for them, Steve,,,
  5. Hi All, The roof of my Marquee was damaged in the storm last night, It ripped off and tore it to shreds, It had survived for the last five years, It is 8 metres x 4 metres, All the metal poles and side panels are all ok, Is there a spare club one of this size for sale, Roof only required, Steve,,, Click on the link to see the damage,, http://s876.photobucket.com/user/electr ... sort=3&o=0
  6. Hi all, I watched DJ Hawkes/ Garys Show last night, It was really good,,,, Great Music, Good Live text forum, And some nice Flying Video Clips etc, I will Certainly watch again, Added to my favourites, Highly Recommended. Steve,,,
  7. Hi Gary, Thanks for the offer, But i have got one now, Steve,,,
  8. Hi Trevor, Yes i have wheels, But i would sooner have a Fibreglass or Ally one, So i can drill the holes to match the one that is already fitted, Thanks for the offer anyway, Steve,,,
  9. Hi all, I hope to get back to flying tomorrow, I need a undercarriage,,,, Landing gear to suit a 46 to 53 size plane, Plane is a Hanger 9 Funtana S40. Steve,,,
  10. Hi Ian and paul, As you said, If it was closer,,,,, Looking forward to seeing the uno wot up the field Good luck with the build, Steve,,,,
  11. This sounds like a good deal, Comes with Futaba 2.4ghz Transmitter, And i would have thought,, Also the Receiver, Not sure, Looks like a irvine engine, Either a 40 0r 46 i would think, http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NITRO-RC-TRAI ... 1c267fc3d6 Steve,,,
  12. Will do that Mickey, Good to hear from you mate, On your advice, I flew it like the acrowot,,, And it worked, Although the runway was a bit rough, I had a job getting it up,,,, But thats life, Steve,,
  13. Thanks Trev, Hello Mickey, Long time no see mate, In that case i will fly it like my old acro wot,,, Steve,,,
  14. I just got hold of this Mustang P51_b It is a semi scale top flite built model, With a wingspan of 60", It may be the rc-16 red box model, But i cant be sure till i get the plans, Air up, Spring down robart retracts,,,, Wire type legs though, It has the old type Cockpit style, Not the bubble, Glassed and spray painted in the old traditional way, It is at least 9 years old as far as i know, Saito FA-72, fitted I have done a few bits and pieces on it to get it flying nicely, Still need to give the engine a good test, It has good compression and the bearings seem to
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