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  1. When I eventually get around to having a plane that's still in 1 piece, ill be puting heavy duty hooks into the ceiling and with some string, hang the planes from the ceiling with the u/c touching the ceiling (I always drain my tank if its not in use for safety reasons), this way the planes will also act as ornaments and my son will/can enjoy staring at them
  2. I'm also thinking that if the build goes well, ill double the plans and try to build the super 60 that's twice the normal size but ill see how it goes first
  3. Hi oily, thanks for the info, I'm lucky to have the plans with the airelons and all I have to do is get them printed on 2 pieces of A0 (1 for each side of the full size plans) but I'm also thinking about building a second wing without airelons so that it complies with vintage rules and what not
  4. Thanx oily, its the mk 2 I'm after and I have the wing still in 1 piece luckily (just needs tidying up), I'm also buying RCM&E every so often and I get plans from that 2 lol. It will be interesting as to how well I do on the buildind side of things as I'm actually quite nervous tbh
  5. Hi again all, I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience with the keil kraft super 60 in both flying and building the plane. From reading notes online, the plane was first developed at the end of the 60's and is classed as a vintage plane (albeit updated with airelons on the plans I have) and has a repertation for being a simple build and very easy to fly and I'm basically wondering if this is true or not. To give you an idea of the size of the plane, it has a 63" wingspan and the plans are on 2 A0 sheets of paper at full size.
  6. Hey guys, I just found a load of brilliant plans online for free, here's the list; B17f Cessna 170 P51d Inspirer mb 10 Jackdaw frog 60" Navajo Consolidated pby 5 Piper cub Super 60 by colin usher Telemaster olympic 70" Trainer MEN 58" Trainermaster Kadet Spitfire Skywalker And all of those for free So all, which plans do u like the sounds of
  7. I've used phoenix sim before while I was at a shop and the things I can do on it is unreal, I can actually do a prop hang with an extra 500 and maybe when I have it, I can fly with you guys in a group session
  8. My son will irronically be 2 in october and I do know the feeling, that's why I'm seriously considering getting a phoenix and tx combo deal (spektrum dx6i, 2 rx's, full phoenix program and the lead to go with it) all for 160 quid, so I can have fun on the sim for the time I don't have to build (also my son can try it) and when I get the slightest bit of time (when my other half goes to her mums for the weekend with the kids), I can build the planes well atleast that's the plan.
  9. Thanx arun, I don't know what to do as I just want something that's easy to build and fly, its about more than the price tbh. Its more experience related and the fact that I have a second baby on the way (due in october) and I need something to keep me relaxed and busy so I can support the family in a better mentality than if I had nothing. If that makes sence
  10. Thanks martin, I've just had a look at the list and there's a few that I'm gunna look into. These are: 73" span piper cub 63" eagle 2 2.4m precedent t240 2.4m senior telemaster. I'm thinking more about the t240 atm as I have a .61 2-stroke that will fit it nicely. Any thoughts on that guys. Or does anyone have any plans I can either borrow a copy of or buy off them of a decent trainer please.
  11. Thanx, I didn't think of that (bmfa), ill look into it
  12. Thanks for info with regards to resizing, the basic idea for lengthening the fuselage is the fact that the main body is made out of 3mm heavy ply and I was gunna use ply box supports down the length but use 3mm balsa sheet to skin the aircraft, being lighter, I thought it'll be safe to extend the length by 6" and width by 1" to equal the overall weight of the original fuselage. As for having a dream to reach as is the case of the lancaster and the spitfire and doing it in steps, well my plan is to start of simple and progressively increase the skill level and size if the aircraft aswell.
  13. Yep I have looked for plans online but havnt found anything unfortunately. The rebuild is more for experience than anything as I have my eyes on a set of plans for a 134" wingspan lancaster and a 72" wingspan spitfire (the lancaster will eventually be electric) and to buy everything needed to build those 2 planes would a waste of money as I don't currently have the experience to build the spit and lancaster, the hi boy being a trainers is a fairly simple construction due to the fact of it being a trainer and as such, I thought it will be a good place to start my experience.
  14. Long time no speak all. I'm having to rebuild my hi boy precedent because a removals company destroyed the plane during a house move, I'm planning on building it out of balsa instead of ply except for the firewall and a few other small pieces. Trouble is that as I only have the tail section left in 1 piece I don't have a bases to go on, so I'm wondering if anyone has or know where I can get some build plans for it. I'm also planning on making the fuselage longer (details are below) and possibly slightly wider and I'm wondering if there would be any complications in doing so;
  15. i think that i might have to rebuild it tbh, the struts are literally falling off in mind hands when i touch them or try to work around them, finally finished stripping the whole thing, including main wings, the rudders in 3 pieces after uncovering it, i really am glad that it never took to the air as it may have fallen apart. well i guess theres no better time to actually learn to do repairs and to actually learn how to recover a plane.
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