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  1. I can't see this working unless they can find a way of generating the electricity needed for flight (or most of it) on board... hydrogen fuel cell?
  2. Humm.. the piper manual didnt specify a servo type so I went with the standard s3003's. Ill see how she flies on those. Hope they will be ok. I wouldn't let "adults game" stop you. Your an amazing pilot! See you Sunday!
  3. Ahh Yes.. my credit card company is feeling the strain! The current bill for the twin is near as makes no difference £1000. I won't be building another model like this for a while that's for sure Lol sounds like you make a better account than I do though. I totally forgot about the servos thinking .. Ahh there just 10 quid a pop. As you say.. £120 later! In some ways, building Artfs like this I think is the eaaiest but by far the most expensive way of doing it. I think you'll have bags of fun with an AcroWot. The covering is a bit pants (decals fly off in the breeze) but other than
  4. The door has been going all day! Just the servos left to arrive. Thanks for the tip on the hobby king leads. I wasn't planning to use them. I got a few extension cable but I'm expecting to have to make some of the wiring myself. Time to dust off the soldering iron Aww I was going to ask if you were too build the Tucano.. I will look forward to see your next project whatever that turns out to be! Yes! I'll be there Sunday all being well. Early weather forecasts look fantastic
  5. It feels like Christmas has arrived
  6. Needs to be something unusual. So not a p51, Spitfire, Cub or anthing like that. Heres an idea - Lockheed P-38G? https://www.motionrc.com/products/flightlinerc-p-38l-lightning-pacific-silver-pnp
  7. I think I can get it done. If I start after the weekend it gives me a two week build! (well actually less than that because mother in law will shout at me if I leave a model plane on her glossed dining room table for any longer than it has to be!) May pop up on the Saturday before (all being well) on the 30th September to run the engines in. Yes I hope so, if he's happy to I've spent a LOT of money - seveal hundreds of pounds more than I planned to but I think almost everyone has a special plane in their feet and this will be my special plane I guess. It wont be an everyd
  8. Wish it was! Twin Sync has arrived from the Netherlands today - very happy about that. I always get a little worried when ordering expensive things from abroad - never quite know if it's going to arrive so I'm delighted it did. So .. it's turning into a MEGA build and this evening I was in need of some retail therapy so I went a bit mad with the credit card! I ordered: 11 servos (RC Model World) (Might be one short - not 100% sure) Two Smart on-board glow drivers (Hobby King) Navigation & Landing light set (Hobby King) Fuel Tubing (Hobby King) Two F
  9. shanemarsh28

    OS Gold

    I'd hope so. On the first fire I bet the gold with either go green or fall off!
  10. That could be an option I'm really not sure. I've heard of people mixing the rudder with the trottle on twins so that manuverbility in the air and ground handling is improved. After a play with Ians twin on Sunday, and chat with Rob at Avicraft who has flown the Piper Commanche before, I have decided to go ahead with the build. I've also ordered the optional retracts and twinsync. Not 100% sure if I will use Twinsync in the final build but I do think it's worth the time to see how viable/reliable it is. If I decide not to use it and go for the Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS) approach, I shou
  11. Okay thanks for clarifying. If I do decide to build it, I'll be sure to post my progress here Thanks for your help!
  12. I have a feeling I've not explained what I mean properly - sometimes getting what's in my head out into words I find difficult .. What I mean is - Assuming that you have two identical engines, idential throttle setups and the barrels are opening and closing exactly the same distance, no two engines will run exactly the same. It's my understanding that manufactuign tolerances ensure that even identically setup engines will run differently. This must mean that when it comes to fitting them in a plane together, there will always be an engine that runs faster than the other. In other wo
  13. What a fab kit .. looks great! As far as it goes for engines, (Funfly) James introduced me to the Laser 70 and it's an AMAZING little engine. I put it in the Bullet, started it, ran a single tank of fuel through it and in the air it went. Sturdy and faultlessly reliable - I've not even needed to alter the mixure. If you're looking to venture into 4 strokes I can't imagine any engine that's easier than that. The instruction manual for the Laser is also excellent. It comes with a lot of information on how to cowl it properly and ways of mouting the engine within different shaped cowls avoi
  14. KISS is the way most people do it and it might be OK. I see so many horror stories online where they have the simple two channel setup for the engines but no matter how accurate you are, the engines will almost never be in sync. So you either have to put up with the sound of the engines running out of sync (and the associated thrust differences) or you have to detune one of the engines to try and get them to match. For me, in a plane where it's critial for the engines to keep running the last thing I'd want to do is detune an engine. Some have used throttle curves but that sounds really
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