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  1. Here for sale i have my models and gear Weston mini Magnum complete with tuned 36 nitro engine, spektrum AR6210 RX with Sat and new Nimh 2300mah battery. Hitec HS-625MG and HS-65MG servos. Engine is a screamer! EFX racer complete with Zippy 35c 1800 battery and Spektrum AR6100 RX with factory servos. Some spares included. Very very fast! I have setup the ESC to give some 'Engine Breaking' as per the ESC instructions as this really does require flaps. Trex600 electric with Zippy 25c 5800 battery, Assualt 600 motor, Spektrum AR7000 Rx and Sat, Align GP750 gyro. 100A ESC has just blo
  2. Hi All, Is there anyone fairly close to Rddhill way that would be able to assist in heli setup. Im Happy to make it worth while. Currently have TREX FBL 600 nitro and lecy Rex 600 Copy with a DX8 Tx. Ive slowly learned to fly but have no idea on how to setup to fly these new ones. May look to Avicraft and have a trip tomorrow Cheers Dave. feel free to bung me a message 07976939743
  3. Second idea would be a plan if anyone has one laying around at all?
  4. Hi all, Unfortunately I'm still on the lookout for a magic. Seems to be incredibly trick and rare. Cash waiting if anyone has one or even the original from my dad it it never got black bagged
  5. Hi All, Im guessing there was no luck at trying to locate the old magic. i thought it was a long shot after so many years. If anyone has one, in any state i would be very interested in buying. Cheers Dave
  6. Hi, I used to be a member along with my dad some number of years ago now when we flew aero. Im in Redhill, just next to a heli club, I think they're called north downs flyers on cormogers lane. I have tried to look for club details but no luck so far. I had a feeling that setup needs more than just a quick email or google search. I have tried to get as far as possible on my own but I am now starting to not understand bits.
  7. Hi everyone, I've just bought my first kit heli (well few months ago). Having always bought rtf I'm not sure about the setup from scratch. I have a 35mhz Futaba T7CP and the heli kit is an HK600gt. I'm struggling with the TX setup and swash plate setup. Any help would be greatfully received Cheers, Dave
  8. Hi peeps, On top of wanting to acquire some kit I'm also having a clear out. I have a fun fly me109, bought from Avicraft a number of years ago 2nd hand but never used it since buying. Not sure what size or what make engine, all servos still in the craft. Could use some TLC. Let me know if anyone is interested. Cheers, Dave
  9. Cheers guys, hopefully see you t the flying sites. I've got no idea what's new at Croydon (restrictions etc) but have seen some kind of fencing around the field when driving past ( on the way to IKEA as always as the missus loves it there) I had a feeling it would e a long shot to find anything but any help is appreciated, or even to just find another Magic ( which I've never seen before) Cheers Dave
  10. Hi Oily, thanks for getting back to me. That's much appreciated. I'm also on the lookout for a 450 size leccy heli also if anyone can help Cheers Dave
  11. Hi guys, I'm new to the forum but used to be a member of the club late 90s early 2000 ( where I was awarded 2001 junior achievement award) along with my dad Bob Ford. Also his dad used to fly heli over at purley way many many years ago. I have already put a post in the sale/wanted section about trying to track down a Hanno Magic, if possible the one my dad owned then donated to the club (with a bunch of other planes and kit, even an own design high wing twin that was nearly built) As for flying I will be making my way down to Avicraft to see what leccy planes ther
  12. Hi Oily, From what I can remember he used to live in selsdon when he was younger, just before I was born in the early 80s. Not sure about beddington lane though. Always flew at purley and always used to visit avicraft. I remember spending time up at fickleshole 1999-2000 when I started learning myself Dave
  13. Hi everyone, I'm new here but used to be a member of the club a good few years ago. I'm looking to get back into flying again but wanted to see if I could locate an old plane. Some years ago my dad, Robert Ford, donated a whole bunch of planes and kit the the club. One of the planes was an old Hanno Prettner Magic 60 in a blue colour scheme. I'm hoping that someone still has this or knows of its whereabouts. If anyone can help then please contact me as I am keen to purchase this back. I think the colours were mainly blue with red and white Fingers crossed!
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