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Heli setup

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Hi everyone,


I've just bought my first kit heli (well few months ago). Having always bought rtf I'm not sure about the setup from scratch.

I have a 35mhz Futaba T7CP and the heli kit is an HK600gt.


I'm struggling with the TX setup and swash plate setup. Any help would be greatfully received


Cheers, Dave


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Hello David,


Are you a CAMFC member? Where are you?


With more than 30 Heli's, all fully set up by me, you might think I'd be able to help, and I might, but its beyond Forum talk, meeting would be essential, and you have not indicated location.


Addition:- I have a range of Tx's which includes a 35MHz Futaba T7CP, which I'm likely to be putting a FRSky 2.4Ghz "hack module" into, before passing it on.


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Hi, I used to be a member along with my dad some number of years ago now when we flew aero.


Im in Redhill, just next to a heli club, I think they're called north downs flyers on cormogers lane. I have tried to look for club details but no luck so far.


I had a feeling that setup needs more than just a quick email or google search. I have tried to get as far as possible on my own but I am now starting to not understand bits.


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Well, I'm a CAMFC member, and also co-run an indoor Heli Club in Biggin Hill, fortnightly, 20:15 - 21:45 on Tuesdays. There is one tonight. It's not a turn up and go club, there's no membership charges but you DO have to get agreement to come.


Try Finless Bob's videos available here:-




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