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Goodbye All!

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Just a little note from my myself for the benefit of all of those not on the club Facebook page.

Just a quick note from me to say that, sadly, I won't be renewing my CAMFC membership in the new year. There have been several factors involved in me making this decision, not least an apparent lack of free time! I also feel that the recent CAA legislation will not help our hobby in the years to come, and I am perhaps slightly unwilling to invest any more into such an unknown environment. This is especially true, since I would only have 18 months before heading off to university, without my models!

At this point, I just want to say a massive thank you to all of the people that have helped me endlessly since 2014. Without people like Rod, Emay, Trevor, Peter, Emma, James, Shane, Steve, Gerard, Duncan, Ivan, Sevan, John, Les and the Ian's, I doubt model flying would have been this fun 1f609.png;)

I will also be looking to sell or get rid of the plethora of models, parts and equipment that I have collected over the years, and I will hopefully be allowed to advertise it all here in due course.

This is not, however, a final goodbye from me. I still hope to make it to open club events such as the summer family BBQ, as well as try to keep my eye in completing the occasional slope soaring session with James, or perhaps the odd trip somewhere here and there with the sole survivor of my once mighty fleet - a good old foamie Wot 4 1f642.png:)

So, after all of that, all that remains for me to say now is -

TTFN (To The Field Now)

B 1f609.png

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Sorry to see you go , Ben.

Your studies must come first. A similar situation to my own back in the nineteen eighties when I had to complete a course then find gainful employment. Then I bought a house, got married and had kids. Forty four years later, I returned to the hobby and I`m glad I did. Perhaps your return might occur a bit sooner than my own. Lets hope so.

All the best,

Mike K

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