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RC radio repairs info.

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I`ve had a run of radio failures with my Futaba 7C system. Not nice or funny when your models repeatedly plough into the floor due to a brown outs.

Distributors and service agents for Futaba have been Ripmax at Enfield. Due to Covid, the establishment is currently closed and we can`t get radio gear serviced. (August 2020)

In desperation, the internet found me Mike Ridley in Southampton. Mike runs Model Radio Workshop from home. See his web site for his services. Located just a couple of miles off the M27 on the A3024, he provides a whilst you wait service. Mikes` labour charge is just £20 an hour. His phone number is 07708 436163. I strongly suggest you make a note of this contact for the future. Tescos are down the road so you can get a meal whilst you wait for your gear to be repaired.

Mike services most RC model equipment and has a range of glow plug driver and other natty units at very reasonable prices. A top man and highly recommended.

Hope everyone finds this post useful.

Mike K


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An update following my visit to Mike Ridley for Futaba radio repairs.

I`m pleased to report a total success with Mike's work to my radio gear. No more radio glitches and reliable flying once again established.

That said, I`ve just acquired another spare 7c transmitter as an insurance for the future. You can never have enough spare parts especially as radio gear becomes so quickly obsolete. Even buying a seemingly broken Tx is well worth doing as its bound to have usable spares that can be used to patch up other units at a later date.

Happy flying.

Mike K

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