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  1. Lovely looking Model Mike. Look forward to seeing it in full dress with everything fitted.
  2. Have a look at: This was performed by Martin Muller who was the main designer of models from Multiplex.
  3. Fantastic views Ivan! Thanks for putting them up. 😀
  4. Have been dipping in and out of his channel for a while. Makes me truly envious! 😊
  5. Thanks for all the useful tips Mike. 😀
  6. Thanks Dave. I will follow up on that.
  7. Thanks Ben, I was thinking hot glue might be the way to go so I will do this when I get to the change of antenna.
  8. On my way to returning to flying and amongst the renovation / maintenance items bought, I have purchased two FrSky X8R receivers for future use. I also bought the specific standard whip antennas to replace the pcb ones. Very easy to open the receiver and replacement of the antennas looks straight forward.
  9. The DX8 uses a 12V power supply and the charge control circuitry is within the Tx. Sorry Richard, I am out of circulation at the moment so can't help with the charger. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Let's hope it's a temporary lack of real world programming resourcing rather than the company drawing back from the necessary backup to the programme. What's the next best option if Phoenix loses it's edge permanently? I find it a fantastic tool when trying to learn some new manoeuvre. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Well done Dave, Hopefully they will send you a sensible reply, and more importantly, fix the inaccuracies / bugs in the programme! I've been mainly using Phoenix to try and learn helicopters of late with no wind so I haven't noticed these problems. Got a Blade 230S last month to try and push my ageing brain into dealing with multiple control orientations! Have only flown it once so far in stability mode which wasn't too terrifying. Here's hoping for some kinder weather in the near future!
  12. Thanks a million. Will set up the record process! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Dave, As ever, thanks for the comprehensive information. Although I am presently not a helicopter flyer I am always interested in learning more about any type of flying machines!
  14. Sounds brilliant. Hopefully we may see this type of battery for our flying needs in a few years time.
  15. Thanks Dave. I will have a look and update the programme. With these dark evenings its time to get some simulated flying practice!
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