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  1. That regulation refers to any model that is capable of having a fail safe set and it really comes down to the user (ie us) to know the laws and regulations that we are required to fly to. All the information is available from the BMFA, either in the handbook or the CAP 658 publication. As recent events have showed, we must all be seen to be flying to the law and regulations and ignorance of these widely published documents is no excuse unfortunately these days.
  2. It is a legal requirement for ALL powered aircraft (whatever their weight) fitted with a receiver capable of operating in failsafe mode, to, as a minimum reduce the engine speed to idle on loss or corruption of signal. In other words nearly all modern radios have this function so nearly every model you fly must have the failsafe set correctly, whether the model is greater or less than 7kg. This is legally required by CAP 658 and has been for some time. Failsafe operation should be checked on a regular basis. This is also one of the mandatory questions that are asked for the A and B Certi
  3. Hi Ben, Webra are certainly not the same as the Weston Uk West engines. They may have the same distributor but Webra are or certainly used to be great engines from Austria. I've had one for years in my big Hurricane. I certainly wouldn't touch a West engine with a barge pole though!
  4. funflyjames

    Draining tank

    I personally empty the tank and where possible stop any un burnt fuel from getting in the engine. Glow fuel is different to petrol in that the nitro especially is corrosive and the methanol is hydoscopic so absorbs moisture. This isn't good to leave in the engine as it can corrode bearings etc. After the last flight of the day I often pull the feed pipe off the carb and let the engine run out and stop then empty the tank. Plus it stops fuel leaking all over the car lol. Also most cars don't use the fuel as the lubrication for the engine, whereas model engines do, so the fuel gets to every part
  5. Great video Ivan, thanks so much for filming it. Really like flying that Flybaby, never get bored with it even after 25 years!
  6. The Bmfa website posts regular updates on the negotiations. This is the latest... https://www.bmfa.org/News/News-Page/ArticleID/2510/EASA-Publish-their-Technical-Opinion-and-Draft-Regulations-for-Unmanned-Aircraft
  7. I was in Avicraft last night and was very impressed with your building skills Emma, well done
  8. Great videos Ivan, thanks for taking them. I still chuckle watching Emay's 'landing' in the relay race! James.
  9. Hi Ben, Got a straight push rod out the back of the fuselage for the elevator then closed loop on the rudder. Works very well. James. If you go and see Rob at Avicraft he will gladly tell you all you need to know and give you some instructions
  10. Hi Ben, I've got a full size Frantic, had it for years and it's one of my all time favorite planes. James.
  11. All Spectrum users should check out the BMFA website for another Spectrum recall on some of their receivers.
  12. Last time I looked the Irvine 39 was about £80, but most places are out of stock. I think Ripmax must have a stock of them to get rid of which is why they are selling them with the Wot 4. The only blue series of os engines i can think of are the old LA Series, which were very common a few years ago. A very good engine, but basic with plain bearings etc. A 46 should be quite easy to find though I would have thought. I still really like os engines, but as you say they are pricey. Their new 2 strokes are still great but the new 4 strokes have had a few issues. Old os 4 strokes however are th
  13. The Irvine 39 is the best fun fly engine by a mile, very light and small and extremely powerful. It will take my Fusion almost out of sight in 20 seconds! I didn't think they still made it, but glad to see it's still around. In my opinion no other make of engine comes close for smoothness, power and rev-ability. More than enough power for any wot 4 James.
  14. The 12.25x3.75 is a great fun fly prop, give it a try, though it might be a bit big for your 35. It will give you lots of breaking effect when you throttle back though which is just what you want on a fun fly. James.
  15. No contest, ic all day long. Electric has its place but i just can't get the same buzz flying electric. Especially for scale, a good engine makes the plane, especially if it's Ian's 5 cylinder radial in his Lysander - wow what a great sound!
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