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Invoice department/to whom it may concern?

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Be aware, this is not a business, its a club!


If you don't understand what a club is, its not a Business, look up the word club in the dictionary.


As we are NOT A BUSINESS, we do NOT buy anything.


Sending us false requests for payment for dodgy invoices is therefore a waste of time for you, and for us.


All such emails are reported as SPAM , and deleted instantly!


The Management.


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This is a common scam. It's not even aimed at the club specifically - this is the main type of spam I now receive on my personal email address too. It's not just requests for payment - there are lots of other things to trick you into opening the attachment (usually appearing to be a Word or Excel document), which I assume has some sort of virus. I've seen fake "refunds", fake "legal" demands from "solicitors" (in one case, unable to spell the word "solicitor"), and all sorts of other things. Note that the scam is not actually trying to get you to pay a non-existent invoice - it's trying to get you to open a virus-infected attachment.


If you're getting these on a club address, it's almost certainly because all of the Committee email addresses are listed on the website. This is one common source for spammers and scammers to harvest target email addresses. Another big one is that when the virus or other malware infects someone, it will usually target every address in their address book - this is a very common thing for viruses as people are much more likely to open a document that appears to come from someone they know.


As with all spam/scam things, the standard advice applies: make sure you have an up-to-date virus checker, make sure your web browser and email software are up to date (and disable all the plugins you don't need), and never open attachments unless you're 100% sure of the source, and the attachment seems like something you'd expect that person to send. If you're not sure, contact the person directly to ask if they did intend to send it. Do not open the attachment to find out the contact details to query/complain - that's exactly what they're trying to get you to do!


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