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Pitch Perfect?

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I have had a reversing pitch prop for about five years, but never put it on a plane as it coincided with me no longer going to Swanley (because of the iggits going there then flying dangerously, it had a netted off pits, they though it was funny to fly through it flat out and were not stopped, also they'd start flying combat or "pylon" with others up with ultralight slow flys and decimate them). SRFC also stopped Indoor Meets as the very large Lancing hall had risen to £120 an hour. Also while I can use Langley's sports hall anytime its not in use it has full netting on all walls so even a light brush spells it being caught and trapped.

I have a suitable plane flying which would easily convert (Piaget), but rarely fly it now as where I fly planes on Mondays (closed group, no vacancies) is too low a ceiling for it to be fun. The most difficult and expensive thing is the motor hollow shaft for the pitch rod.


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