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A flying horror?! RCM&E Shaun Garrity Flying Banjo 2 build.

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Last week, having finished and flown my Grand-daughters DB Sport and Scale Twin Tub successfully, totally wrecked my prized and much loved No1 Ultra Stick, converted No 3 Ultra Stick to near identical No 1 spec, salvaged parts from No 1 and then finding myself build-less, the July 2020 copy of RCM&E arrived. Shaun Garrity had written an article about his rework off the years old Flying Banjo. A free plan was included. I`d always wanted to build one of these models as a teenager. Now I had the chance. Raking through the spares pile in my Hangar turned up a Turnigy 1070Kv motor, a UBEC, a 30a ESC and a couple of LiPo`s and a handful of miniature servos and power leads. In addition sufficient covering material and adhesive was to hand but I was short of 3/16 or 5mm balsa sheet. No problem. I shot off to see Rob for the materials and gain from his wise advice. The balsa sheet cost just £12 and I returned without being totally "Robbed". That makes a change.

I started the build on Sunday evening and without too much effort it completed ready for covering this Tuesday evening. Certainly the cheapest and fastest build of any model I`ve constructed to date. Here then are a few shots of the Banjo build with more to come once I`ve covered this little horror. I think it will go like stink...I wonder if I can keep up with it! Its definitely a Trevor type model. He loves  models that go like a rocket!














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And today, I covered it!

More trim and radio installation to do tomorrow. Should be finished by tea time!

Here is what I did today.







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Another great looking model Mike. Look forward to the flying report x

On 30/06/2020 at 22:32, Mike.K said:

I returned without being totally "Robbed".

At least you’re not currently in danger of being Emman’erd lol 

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Fortunately I`m not being Emma`erd! I shudder!!

After about 40hrs, the model only remains to have a receiver, ESC and UBEC fitted. Then the LiPo and a C of C check and adjust. The LiPo plate has not yet been installed and can go anywhere needed to get the C of G. Plenty of room. All built to the strains of Pink Floyds last concerts. What a band!

Once the gear is in place I`ll take it to Robs for a look over and transmitter set up. Who will test fly it? Perhaps Rob?

Images here of what I have tonight after just four days of spasmodic and casual building. Coverings are Hobby King.

That was fun build for minimal cost.







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It flew on Saturday but refused to answer to right aileron. So it went round in circles getting higher before being blown down wind. Ending up in a field just outside the falcon field, it didn`t take much to recover it. Damage was sustained to the motor mount together with a broken prop. Could have been worse.

I think this model needs to go to Rob for flying trials. It certainly didn`t do what I expected and needs an expert on the case. Watch this space.


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