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  1. Jimbo

    Exhaust Manifolds

    Does the manifold have a bend in it? It looks like it may have a shallow one. a bit unorthodox, but if you rotated the manifold 180', you'd get an angle of exhaust away from the model, albeit with a lightly more forward position. Just a thought. My old Saito 80 had the different style of manifold/exhaust, much more like the OS type - the whole lot comes out a bit longer and less angled to the head, so not so much of a problem.
  2. Wishing all of my friends in the CAMFC a very merry Christmas. Ali, Millie and myself hope that you all have the most splendid day, and that Santa has been good to you. All the very best for Christmas 2012, Jim
  3. I used Wire cutters on mine.....
  4. I took this in Macau, China in 2009. [attachment=0]Ladder (2).JPG[/attachment] The scary thing, was that on the end of the extension was a bloke in waders, in the water, hoovering the bottom of the pond with a backpack mounted pump.
  5. Jimbo

    Propeller for Saito 82

    Arun I'll have to dig mine out to see what I had on it. Sorry for the delay - all my RC stuff is still waiting to be unpacked I'm afraid.
  6. And that oil is what lubricates the engine.... I say stick to what the manufacturers reccomend, but that's safe old me
  7. Is it some kind of secret which people might like what?
  8. I'd have thought it would have been against copyright to reproduce someone elses design? I'm sure Irvine wont be doing so. Anyhow, if its a built up wing, it'll just be a standard D section construction. What else would you need to know (apart from the fact that it hasnt been designed to take 2 engines) lol.
  9. As Trevor says, all very ambitious. Twins are definately in the advanced category and not for beginners. You'd be MUCH better off spending your money on a simulator and joining a local club, and getting some airtime and one-to-one advice on just ONE airframe if you are serious about learning to fly. Do you have your insurance now by the way? Just a couple of notes about twin engines: each engine needs its own tank, next to the engine. What do you mean about tubing in the wing for the exhaust? Just have an exhaust on each engine. Theres no need to mount them inverted - in fact, this m
  10. Decisions about the running of club events I am afraid is down to club members only, but thanks for the suggestion Sadly your idea would be almost impossible to implement successfully.
  11. Chaps, I really see no need for the grumpiness that seems to be building here. It's just toy planes for goodness sakes If someone is rattling someone else's cage, then please stop. If your cage is being rattled, then just ignore it. Any personal help is great fully received. Any personal remarks may well be moderated. Thanks for your cooperation. Jim (chairman)
  12. The sizes recomended for the engine are the ones to go for. You do seem a little obsessed with the idea of a 3 blader - there's no big advantage with doing this, and they cost more and are generally less efficient. Just because you can get a 19" prop on, doesn't mean that its a good idea for the motor. My advice, stick with what th designers of the engine recomend.
  13. Nice fillets! Always a pain getting that compound curve to look good.
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