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Hanno Magic 60

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Hi everyone,

I'm new here but used to be a member of the club a good few years ago. I'm looking to get back into flying again but wanted to see if I could locate an old plane.


Some years ago my dad, Robert Ford, donated a whole bunch of planes and kit the the club. One of the planes was an old Hanno Prettner Magic 60 in a blue colour scheme.


I'm hoping that someone still has this or knows of its whereabouts. If anyone can help then please contact me as I am keen to purchase this back.


I think the colours were mainly blue with red and white


Fingers crossed!


David Ford


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Hi Oily,


From what I can remember he used to live in selsdon when he was younger, just before I was born in the early 80s. Not sure about beddington lane though.


Always flew at purley and always used to visit avicraft. I remember spending time up at fickleshole 1999-2000 when I started learning myself




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Hi All,


Im guessing there was no luck at trying to locate the old magic. i thought it was a long shot after so many years.


If anyone has one, in any state i would be very interested in buying.





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It looks like Peter has already answered the question!


A lot of the members that were in the club have moved on etc etc. with in the last 10 years! I will also ask around in the club and else where for you!


Magic 60 is hard to get now, I have seen a few around in the passed.....but mostly second hand ones at Bring and Buy in RC model shows! If you are looking for something like that, maybe try the Ripmax Bullet ARTF! "close to it" http://www.ripmax.com/Item.aspx?ItemID=A-ARTF6714



It looks like Hobby Barn USA still sell it http://www.hobbybarn.com/magic-60-deluxe-kit


When it comes to RC 450 helicopters its probley best to talk to Dave "Bravedan" about that!


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Hi all, 

Unfortunately I'm still on the lookout for a magic. Seems to be incredibly trick and rare. 

Cash waiting if anyone has one or even the original from my dad it it never got black bagged

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