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Miles Mohawk Flies

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Met with our illustrious chairman on Friday evening as he was eating fish and chips with the family up at Fickleshole.


He sucessfully maidened his Miles Mohawk which he finished some time ago, and here are the pics to prove it :)


The model flew very well, despite both Rogers' and my worry about the models nose heaviness - the tail had to be held on the ground all the time the engine was running to stop it nosing over, and we had to restrain the tail and then release it at full throttle to achieve a takeoff with no digging in.

Unfortunately, the model came in a little fast on landing, and met with the long grass at the opposite end of the runway which resulted in a broken prop, but otherwise a great first flight. Perhaps the undercarriage could be moved forward in the future to help with the nosing problem.


Anyhow, enjoy the pictures.





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Oh niceeeeee, Rog, that expression on your face, backdraft from the spit prop????

I'd have popped round just to see that spit flying again if I'd known...

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