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  1. The only issue I would have hanging from the undercart is the direction of the force on the under carrage legs, the undercart legs/screws & plate are having a twisitng pressure from the rear applied instead of the designed top pressure. I prefer hanging from the root of the prop with the pressure being on the firewall (which it is the correct pressure it was designed for)
  2. That will be over 7Kg, I thought all clubs in the aera of Biggin Hill were no longer allowed to fly over 7Kg?
  3. I used to store mine like ^^^^^ but hanging from the prop up in the loft, the reason for from the prop is so any fuel in the system will A) go back into the take and not through the carb, B) you want to leave the vents, exhaust & carb unblocked as any pressure will build up in the tank and split it and C) any fuel in the engine ends up on the back plate and not the front of the crank bearing (glow fuel rusts bearings).
  4. Had a Lancaster fly over RAF Waddington last Saturday, I was there doing a Track Day for RAFA.
  5. Hi Dave, things are good, I keep meaning to pop up the field, I will do at some point, I have been hibernating for the winter.
  6. Taking of stupidity, I like to kick start a prop plane, Steve will vouch for me.............there is a difference between stupid and dumb though........
  7. Nutz

    Saito FG 36

    The guy bought my one off has another, but beware could still be a scamster. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SAITO-FG-36-4 ... 155wt_1265
  8. Ali Mcchinski has a pink spit. ...... But only after drinking raspberry juice.................. I like the Syrian Colours, Yes, DO IT!!! http://www.highalpha.org/forum/download ... &mode=view
  9. Ali Mcchinski has a pink spit. ......
  10. http://www.thundertiger.com/product/3872-K22M1.html
  11. Well I was wrong, you don't rupture pack and salt water does nothing apart from slowly corroding the alu tabs, it does not discharge it. Good job I do mine the mans way, fully charge it put the +&- together a chuck it whilst saying "FIRE IN THE HOLE" and watch it slowly ballon until it ruptures and then it lets loose with the fire works, this method won't work on half charged packs the must be fully charge as it need quite a bit of energy for them to pop themselves.
  12. That is after you rupture it with a pin or nail.
  13. Check all the cells, as if you short a pack it can short one of the cells into open circuit (happend to me when I tried to blow a pack up).
  14. What like I did BTW I can't take credit for it either it was down to Simon Wood when I asked a question http://www.highalpha.org/forum/viewtopi ... =7&t=11348
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