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  1. Had one of these out the box straight away about 6 months ago now. Very very nice finish, but not really enough plane there for the £200 ish price tag. Would have been better if it was around the 68-72" wingspan in my opinion. Still very nice though.
  2. Got to be the Extra Leon. To many people have got the green one now.
  3. Hi Arun, If you can get the engine nut on as well as the dome nut that will probably be your best bet. You should be ok with that, otherwise something is wrong. You dont need to murder the nuts when doing them up as with some of the smaller engines you can pull the threads on the shaft and then you are really buggered. Dome nuts are always a bit wiggly to start with a starter, so once the engines run in a little it should start with a flick from a chicken stick or use the handle end of a rubber handled screwdriver about an inch in diameter. You can make your own from a bit of broom handle
  4. Just a short video from one of the guys at the Hop Farm summing up a few of the aero slots and mustang. Very nice indeed. Also have a look at some of his other vids. His name is Ross and he does anything to do with camera's etc for a living both commercial and celebrity/glamour. Lovely guy. http://www.vimeo.com/user1049106
  5. Morning Don, Same as everyone mate, sorry to see it happen, but BIG respect to you mate for making the right decision, I think the same way, well done mate. Gary.
  6. That's a great idea guys. In previous years we have sent out a dvd full of photo's and info about the show as a bit of a thank you and a taster for the next show to all the traders and pilots to keep. Would be great to get maybe a half an hour cut and edited mini film to go on there as well.
  7. Hi Steve, I have flown several of these types of models and all of them have a characteristic of running along the floor on take off and leaping up in the air all of a sudden, usually rolling to the left so be ready. should fly really nice, and should also glide very stable on landing due to the wing section so try it up high first so you know then you can bleed off the speed on landing knowing it will not bite you. They all look rather scary these type of models but its actually suprising how nice they are. Once you know it is all ok, get yourself a long tuned pipe for the 61 as this jus
  8. A big well done once again Don. Looks like Prince Chrles in the office on the video mate. Very nice indeed.
  9. Take it easy mate, watch out for the Ting Tongs.
  10. Thought I would post this up on behalf of Pete as he is doing a bloody lovely job on his latest project. You can see the size of this beauty as in the last pic the fuzz is sitting on a workmate, say no more. Well done Pete. We, as in the club and its members, so all of us, have had great coverage in the February issue of Ken Sheppards, Radio Control Model Flyer once again, thanks Ken, so grab a copy and have a look through. Can't wait to see this one on the flight line at Old Warden in a couple of months Pete, Cheers.
  11. Have you ever seen Night at the Museum.............it's a film............................................ My dum dum want to speak !!! I'm with you Leon.
  12. Group photo. Great afternoon, great flying and banter as usual in not perfect conditions. Cheers all.
  13. Could'nt agree more Pete. Chris is going to give us a talk about airbrushing. Come to think of it, Chris for Priminister. Will put it in the next newsletter.
  14. Looks great Pete, maiden tomorrow then.
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