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  1. Spektrum TM1000 (DSM-X) full-range telemetry module (incl. temp and voltage sensors) - £25 posted
  2. arun

    IC Trainer

    Hi Karl, I would consider switching your order for a Boomerang II. As Martin says they are essentially the same airframe except for the wing section. You will probably find that the semi-symmetrical wing section on the Boomerang gives better performance in wind (this is the UK) as it is less likely to balloon as you turn into the wind and of course a better level of lift if the craft is inverted. You may think you won't be using it for inverted flight, but chances are it is going into this attitude as you increase in skill, or during training. In the latter case, your instructor will h
  3. I'll join. Where do you plan to announce these sessions Dave so I can subscribe appropriately - Flying Diary or the Online section?
  4. As some of you may know, I tend to spend most of my airtime practicing for/flying in IMAC aerobatic competition and am currently the Secretary for the organisation. We have invested a lot of effort this coming season in providing a new pilots training day and also a heavily upgraded website containing all the information you might need to have a go at your local field. I know that IMAC typically uses larger models than are allowed at Fickleshole, but there is no reason why you can't use a smaller model when starting out. Do take a look at the website and consider giving
  5. arun

    Laser Jigging

    I thought this might be of interest to some; in my current build I was trying to find a more accurate way of jigging and lining up on the fuselage than just eyeballing vertical lines drawn on formers. I found that my cross-line laser level fixed to a rafter in my workshop and pointed directly at my SLEC building jig is a very nice solution. Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 21.35.39.png[/attachment]
  6. arun


    I have an OS 81FSa I might part with. Same case size as the OS70 Surpass so might be of interest. It's brand new/boxed/un-run so you can be sure it works
  7. Brand new/untouched and still boxed Chris Foss Wots-Wot ARTF biplane plus the IC fittings kit - ideally suited to a 40-60 two-stroke or 70-90 four-stroke. Selling as I have a kit-built one on the table now so this is surplus to requirements. Offers in region of £110. [attachment=0]ripmax-wots-wot-artf-qXcd.jpg[/attachment]
  8. Yes please! Great flying, great site, great model...
  9. arun


    I noticed this today Dave, might be of interest. Heard they were at Nuremberg show also, so obviously a bit serious about what they're doing... (Original link, copy attached) http://www.accurc.com/blog-detail/22/heli-pilot-review/ heli_pilot_review3.pdf heli_pilot_review3.pdf
  10. arun

    Wots Wot Kit Build

    No one?! I thought there would have been a few of these about from you chaps who pre-date the ARTF "revolution"
  11. Have any of you chaps built a Wots Wots kit (not ARTF)? I seem to be the owner of one ...
  12. Martin - Surprised at this as I've used the throttle curve on the 8FG as a kill many times, however... try using a pair of mixes as below. I'm sure it goes without saying, but test their effect using the 'servo monitor' function rather than chop yourself up with a spinning prop Mix 1: thr -> thr Offset: -100 Rate A: -100 Rate B: 0 Mix 2: thr -> thr Offset: 0 Rate A: 0 Rate B: -100
  13. arun

    Cougar 2000 CoG

    On the belief this model has flown safely before, I'd fly it and see how you like it before going in for any mods. Obviously with a rear-ward CoG elevator sensitivity will be increased, you can counter that in the short term with plenty of expo.
  14. arun


    On the subject of heli simulation, AccuRc appears to be proving very popular with the top flyers based on conversations I've had in passing at various events this year. http://www.accurc.com/
  15. Your point is a fair one, no software is free of bugs.
  16. I think OpenTX is great, don't get me wrong. But it won't be in control of my 50cc+ models any time soon ... too many ways for bugs to slip into the codebase.
  17. arun

    Phoenix 5.0v

    It does lack a bit of credibility releasing like this. I rather think Phoenix has fallen badly behind Realflight and Aerofly these days. Having flown them all in their latest incarnations and compared them closely against real characteristics the former has fallen into the ashes rather than risen from it!
  18. Microsoft say that after every release of Windows for their software. Doesn't mean a thing as "most stable" is a relative term and does not imply "actually stable".
  19. Futaba R6106HF 6-Channel 2.4GHz FASST 6ch micro sized Rx - £35 posted Ideal for gliders, park flyers, indoor etc. - I have one in my Libelle and is great, but don't need this second one. . Payment by PayPal / bank transfer as I won't be at field for a long time! [attachment=0]futl7650.jpg[/attachment] Manual: http://manuals.hobbico.com/fut/r6106hf-hfc-manual.pdf
  20. Oh, this person has skill as a result of the practice ... they'd probably be considered to be in the top handful of pilots for freestyle in the UK
  21. It takes investment... lots of investment... [attachment=0]1779703_10152751014528427_5049295268998245596_n.jpg[/attachment]
  22. Flew my Libelle today for the first time at Chobham & District MFC and loved it! Had between 40-50 "flights" with it during which I made some improvements to the launch technique thanks to helpful critique from Martin who was flying at the Chobham site as a guest. Had a couple of fights where the model picked up some nice lift which is very satisfying. I was expecting to enjoy gliding, but I think I might be hooked Made use of four flight conditions; launch - cruise - thermal and land which have varying degrees of reflex/flaps and elevator compensation. All in, good fun. Airframe
  23. I was a bit worried about weight, but according to my micro-scales the 4mm lite-ply rails weigh 0.42g and the 4 screws weigh 0.17g each. So weight added approx 1g - given a fair amount of lead needs to go at the nose, and my rails/screws are well ahead of the CG I wouldn't expect this to be a massive problem. It would be easy to add more weight that this with over enthusiastic hot glue application Time will tell when I come to fly it...
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