On the 1st Sunday of the month, Croydon Airport Model Flying Club runs a Fun Fly event at the Fickleshole Flying Site. These monthly competitions are fantastic fun for members who get to fly outside of their comfort zone.


If you come 1st place in your completion you’ll score 10 points, 2nd 9 points, 3rd 8 points etc. Your best 8 scores out of the 10 competitions are added up throughout the year and the person who has the highest score overall is awarded a prize at our AGM in January. This means you can have a couple of months off and still be in with a chance of winning.

2022 monthly competitions and how they work:

July Fun Fly - Touch and Go Pilon Racing

Info coming soon!

June Fun Fly - Tripple Thrash

Aim: Complete a series of manoeuvres in the shortest possible time.

How: Time starts on the first touch with each pilot completing: three touch and goes, three rolls and three loops. The clock stops after a final touch and the pilot with the fastest time wins.


James31.06s (1st)
Trev42.06s (2nd)
Ian47.93s (3rd)
Emay55.12s (4th)
Shane72.25s (5th)
JohnD.N.F (6th)


May Fun Fly - Limbo

Aim: Fy under the tape as many times as possible in 2 minutes.

How: A 2 metre high line of old video tape is strung up across the runway, facing into wind. Contestants are given two minutes to fly under the tape as many times as possible or until the tape is broken.


PilotNumber of passes
James20 (1st)
Trev11 (2nd)
Pete11 (2nd)
Shane10 (3rd)
Emay9 (4th)
John5 (5th)


April Fun Fly - Easter Egg Drop

Aim: Score as many points as possible by dropping a Cadbury Creme Egg onto a target!

How: Score points by hitting a target painted in the middle of the runway which has 100, 50, 20, 10 point scores on it. Each flyer has multiple attempts (usually three), to drop your egg as close to the middle as possible. Points scored for where your Egg ends up (not where it first lands).


PilotBest Attempt (out of three)
Pete2.43m (1st)
Emay4.15m (2nd)
James5.15m (3rd)
Trevor7.8m (4th)
Shane8.25m (5th)
John9.5m (6th)
Ian17.8m (7th)


March 2022 - Carrier Deck Landing

Aim: Land on a carrier deck without going off the edge.

How: A Carrier Deck will be spray-painted on the runway with numbered areas 20, 40, 60, 80, 100. Each flyer has three attempts to fly a circuit then land on the deck from any direction. You must touch down and stop on deck.


PilotAttempt 1Attempt 2Attempt 3Total
James808080240 points (1st)
Trevor606080200 points (2nd)
Ian406080180 points (3rd)
Emay06080140 points (4th)
Pete60060120 points (5th)
Shane060060 points (6th)
John0000 points (7th)