Can I fly drones at CAMFC?

Most of our drone pilots meet on saturdays at the clubs private flying field in Fickleshole, New Addington. (see website map) You would have to join the club to fly there, but the site at the old croydon airport is a public site and you can fly electric whenevr you like.

We seriously recomend you have adequate insurance as there are a lot of the public about. CAMFC is mostly a fixed wing club, and its not a great idea to have fixed wing flying with drones buzzing around, this is why we give the field over to drones on a saturday, however, some fixed wing may still turn up as they cannot fly any other day due to work etc.

We do not want to disuade drones (although it sounds like it) but fixed wing is the bulk of our membership. I suggest you pop up the field one saturday morning and have a word with the guys flying drones.